Apple iPad Pro 11 ipad is disabled, Update and Restore

By | November 19, 2018

Apple iPad Pro 11 iPad is disabled: Very easily you can reset and update your Apple iPad Pro 11. And also You can update your Apple iPad Pro 11 by iTunes install iTunes software on your pc then connect iTunes USB cable to pc. The Apple iPad Pro 11 release 2018 September and ISO 12 UP to 12.1. Apple iPad Pro 11 memory is 64/256/512 GB Storage RAM 4 GB. Apple iPad Pro 11 Camera quality primary 12 MP, f/1.8, f/2.4, and secondary 7MP f/2.2.  Apple iPad Pro 11 chipset Apple A12 Bionic. Apple iPad Pro 11 displays regulation screen and HD video support 1242*2688 pixels@24/30/60fps. Apple iPad Pro 11 when  making

hang or many time tries the wrong password that causes by disabling the phone,  then need hard reset Apple iPad Pro 11. Sometimes we install iso software in this mobile then also maybe hang the mobile so needs reset Apple iPad Pro 11. When we are buying this Apple iPad Pro 11 we don’t know how to hard reset the mobile. I think we should know, how to hard reset the Apple iPad Pro 11. Now I will see how to hard reset or update your Apple iPad Pro 11 it is very easy to reset disable to normal. Before hard reset your Apple iPad Pro 11 at first you have to remove SIM card Form your Apple iPad Pro 11

Apple iPad Pro 11 ipad is disabled-min

Apple iPad Pro 11 ipad is disabled

How to hard reset Apple iPad Pro 11 iPad is disabled

Notice: When you are going to factory reset your Apple iPad Pro 11,  At first you have to need backup all mobile data in your Apple iPad Pro 11. Because after factory reset your Apple iPad Pro 11, maybe you’re mobile all important data will be lost forever. So before reset disable your Apple iPad Pro 11 back up all data.

  1. Must connect internet in PC and laptop and MAC
  2. First, Install iTunes 12.1.3 in your pc or laptop, MAC ( Download from below)
  3. Now launched the iTunes
  4. And then connect your Apple iPad Pro 11.with USB cable to Pc or laptop, MAC
  5. Now turn off your Apple iPad Pro 11 press power button and volume down.
  6. Now press Power button and Volume Down for 25 seconds until iTunes logo on display mobile.recovery iPhone
  7. Then release all button.
  8. Now click Restore
  9. after that click Restore And Update
  10. And then Click NEXT
  11. Now click Agree
  12. Now downloading the update file, After download complete. Then it takes some time to update and restore your Apple iPad Pro 11. After the complete update, the software than hard reset DONE your Apple iPad Pro 11.

1. Download iTunes 12.1.3 windows 64 bit

2.  Download iTunes 12.1.3 windows 32 bit

3. Download iTunes 12.8 for mac

4. Download iTunes 12.6.2 for macOS

5. Download iTunes 12.4.3 for OS X

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How to factory reset Apple iPad Pro 11 iPad is disabled

you may need the passcode and Apple ID password before resetting erases all content

  1. Now Go To SETTING =>>GENERAL>> RESET =>> ERASE ALL CONTENT AND SETTING =>>.Erase Now ==> Erase  give the Icloud password and touch Erase
  2. Then Accept all information take a few time to finish.
  3. After all above then complete the reset.

How to soft reset your Apple iPad Pro 11

What is soft reset? and why need a soft reset. Sometimes we are looking at our mobile phone not working anything. Then what you should. You need to turn off your Apple iPad Pro 11 for a few minutes. Again turn on your Apple iPad Pro 11 if see the same problem. Then you have to hard reset or factory reset your Apple iPad Pro 11. If again see the same problem now you have to firmware your Apple iPad Pro 11. For firmware your Apple iPad Pro 11 you have to connect your Apple iPad Pro 11 to the laptop with USB cable. then launch iTunes software on your pc then updates your iPad.( Apple iPad Pro 11 iPad is disabled)

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