How To Hard Reset Apple iPhone 4

By | December 12, 2020

Hard reset is a method of resetting for a mobile. By doing a hard reset, you can solve so many problems. If your Apple iPhone 4 is disabled, you can fix it by a hard reset. Sometimes many mobile users might forget password what he has used. So easily you can unlock it by a hard reset. Besides, your mobile might be hung or totally not working at that time you have to hard reset to fix that. Making a hard reset is a very easy way for any mobile user, anyone can do fix it without having a problem.

In addition to this, you will get also many more opportunities from a hard reset. When you see on your mobile that some apps are having an error or other problems, you can solve the problem by a hard reset. In this article what is having that is, you will able to unlock a mobile if you have forgotten the password after using a password. And also you will be able to solve the disabled problem if your mobile has a disabled problem. Moreover, Sometimes you might be suffering a network problem that you can solve by using a hard reset. So I don’t want to waste your more time now I am going to start how you can do it, please, just see all steps below

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How To Hard Reset Apple iPhone 4

Before beginning a hard reset you should have an Original USB cable and also you have to download iTunes software, and then the iTunes software has to be installed to pc. It is important that the internet is a very important subject for it, so you make sure that your pc has connected with internet data. And make sure that your mobile battery has an 80% charge. Besides, you need to backup all important data from mobile before starting a hard reset. If everything is perfect, you can start

  1. First, Press and Hold together the Prower button and  Home button.

Apple iPhone 4

2. After 10 seconds you see the Apple logo, on your mobile screen.

Apple iPhone 5 s

3. Now connect your mobile to pc by a USB cable

4. Then launch the iTunes software from pc.

5. Now click update and restore from iTunes software on pc.

Apple iPhone 5 s

6. It will take a few minutes (maybe 20 minutes) to download the iPhone 4 software from the internet.

7. After downloading the software, Now your mobile is ready for Farmwear.

8. Now click update from iTunes software it will be processing.

9. After a few minutes, the firmware will be done.

How to factory reset iPhone 4

  1. First, Turn on your mobile
  2. Now Go to the settings option
  3. Therefore, tap on general
  4. And then, Tap on reset
  5. Now tap on erase all content and settings
  6. Then tap on erase iPhone
  7. Now enter your passcode if there had any passcode in your mobile
  8. And then your mobile will be restart
  9. Done

How to soft reset

It is very important that is when you see your Apple iPhone 4 is making hung, you have to soft reset your mobile to fix the problem. You can easily do it. Just press the power button and home button together for a long long time, And when you see that your mobile is restarting, Release all buttons then you done.

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