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By | May 11, 2017


Bluetooth Speaker Lamp -This is a stereo speaker and includes high-quality Wireless and Bluetooth connectivity, and FM radio, and the boon of the TF card support, and it all Bluetooth devices compatible with both indoor and you is out of it (it is the camping Bluetooth speakers can also be used as a camping lamp).Again, if you wish the lamp can change the color of the light by the touch sensor, a warm and soft light that will protect your eyes from damage. Bluetooth Speaker Lamp is a thing, which is a great touch lamp bedroom be said if you like your desire, 10, 0, 30, 60, 90, 120 minutes, you can set the run. Operation Instructions: You can use it simple rule is “to reduce the volume or previous track for changing the flock again, press the” – “the volume to increase the” + “key, and the next track with it the same can be done. Speaker of the color becomes the Bluetooth speaker volume reduction or increase in the color of the lamp changes. again, Chet time as possible to your desire. back to you Sound very good and nice bits arrived around the banks. The speaker is small, but a lot of times.

Bluetooth Speaker Lamp

How To buy Wireless Stereo Subwoofer Smart Touch Lamp

There is a lot of reason for the splash of those speakers. When you use it, you’ll lose every option of it. There are voices of many speakers, especially when you listen to songs that do not sound like any sound. Many people like this Bluetooth Speaker Lamp. Because the Bluetooth Speaker Lamp looking is so good and everything you can easy control.  If you want to see details please click here.

Bluetooth Speaker Lamp

Wireless Speaker And WiFi + Bluetooth Libratone ZIPP Portable Airplay & 360° Sound Multi-Room

The sound of 100-watt strength and superb sound, crisp, high, and 360 ° sound, when one room song is heard in the sound of another room, and the sound is very cool! It can run all the audio and video applications directly from your mobile device and no one needs it. WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity: This speaker supports iOS and Android. You will get 10+ hours recharge battery, and AC speakers like other speakers are not required. It can be handled in a convenient way, it has a unique touch-control interface, more easy access to the speakerphone and the application is easy to use.

Warranty Wireless Speaker And WiFi + Bluetooth Libratone ZIPP

Warranty of One (1) year expiration date from the retail date of purchase. The reasons for which the warranty will be canceled will be
(1) Inappropriate maintenance, inappropriate use, correction, pruning or

Bluetooth Speaker Lamp
Change;  (2) If for any reason the operation outside the product specification,  (3) flood, fire, accident, and the serial number are removed. see more about this product click here.

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