What is the dental root canal? Do you have to remove the teeth when the root canal?

By | July 17, 2017

Root Canal Treatment (RCT): Due to many reasons, in-patient pulp may be damaged. However, the biggest reason is that after having a carrot or a toothache, it can be left without filing or treatment. It should be remembered that there is a donor but also have blood and nervous supplies. Dentists need nutrition. When the pulp is damaged for any reason, there may be bacterial infections. Acute pain due to this infection; There may be some more disorders. Usually, after pulp infection, the root of the tooth root swells, the puffs out. If this

condition does not have any other way to protect the tooth without root canal treatment. What is actually done in the treatment is that the pulp was washed out in the teeth, with some special instruments.It is known as brunch. After that, rimers, fillets – to clean the canals or canals inside the dental pulp chamber and the dental route. After cleaning and sterilizing the root canal, it was sealed with a paddle. In addition, many types of cilars are used as cilars (to fill the inner canal with artificial material that is used in the gastrointestinal tract). For example, Calcium Hydroxide Eidside Sealer, Resin Based AH, Zinc Oxide Eugenal etc. Seals are to be done in such a way that afterward the bacteria can not enter the root canal from outside or inside the tooth. Then fill the teeth with fillings. However, in most cases, the root canal teeth have to be installed in artificial crown or cap.In some cases, inlets, inlets, etc. are also installed. And to do the whole work successfully use autoclave tools. Usually, the doctor has to go three to four times for this treatment. In the case of treatment, treatment can be done as much as possible in one day. Root canal teeth die, there is a lot of debate about this question. But now scientists say, no, root canal teeth do not mean dead teeth. Although it does not contain blood and nerve supplies; However, it receives some nutrition or food supply from the periodontal ligament.

root canal

root canal

root canal From the experience of the patient

the root canal is told to kill dead / dying teeth in simple terms. This means that it does not have toothpaste, and the contact with the remaining nerve / gummy is disconnected without leaving the tooth and leaving it in the mouth. There was a lot of trouble before, but still fewer. If you do not have any major irregularities, you will have teeth if you do not work in the bone/pigeon type. If the filing is done then the root canal and the filing after the teeth will “cap” the dentist. But remember that since it is dead, you may have to put fake tooth if you fall.

When does root canal treatment need ??

When our tooth is infections, there is a possibility of feeling pain in the tooth, changes in the teeth, big holes in the teeth, and even breaking teeth. If it is not treated in a little while, then the dental organs and pumps may be broken, which can later destroy the teeth permanently, and even from there it may cause cancer to spread to your face.

In all cases, need root canal treatment ??

It will depend entirely on how your dental condition is. Many times the carriage shows that only your dentist has spread in a small part of the enamel or dentin, then it is clear that only the filing is cleaned. But if the infection is spread to your dental flute or tooth, then you may experience severe pain, or even if your teeth have been affected by any injury, then you need root treatment.

root canal

root canal

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What is the root kennel treatment ??

Basically, this drug is used to remove all the infections in the tooth and clean it in a suitable manner and dressing them with a special type of medicines and sealing the tooth altogether and filling it with a special type of filling material.

What kind of permanent filling is the best?

Because our front teeth are our beauty. In most cases, the light curve is used in the composite filling material. There are currently many modern compact filings that are filtered in conjunction with your colored teeth. The back teeth are usually festive amalgam. But nowadays, the Compact Filling Material is being used in the back teeth, which in many cases is far better than conventional Amalgam Filling.

What is the pain in the root canal treatment ???

I have seen in my experience that most people love to donate teeth to root kernels. Most of it is the scourge of pain The interesting thing is that the question of getting root canal treatment does not come in pain. If your dentist correctly disturbs you with local anesthesia before starting work, then you will not have to feel any kind of pain. Rather, because of the absence of teeth, later on around the place, there may be many problems with the problem of getting empty, talking and eating.

Next treatment of root canal ??

Many believe that permanent filing of the root kennel treatment is done only when the whole treatment is complete. Actually, it is not in many ways. Because in the root canal treatment, we removed the tooth inside the tooth and let the tooth be dead. The tooth then weakens its naturalness and the teeth can be easily broken. So we wear a kind of crown on the teeth, which is called Crown or Caps. Which increases the stability of your dead dentures for many years.

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How to make a dent in the crown ??

Currently most commonly used as a Crown material is Porselin Fused Metal or Ceramic. After the root canal, your teeth are cut to the right size and given a certain shape. Then, with the correct impression of the tooth with your teeth color, it is made from the dental laboratory that shape and fixed color caps are made. It is placed on the top of the teeth and then attached with special kind of dental cement. If your dentist thinks that your dentist feels very much If more broken or tooth is weak, then sometimes a corrugated metal pillar should be placed on the teeth Was said. Call it a post Crown. This makes the tooth stronger and more lasting.

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