How to hard reset BlackBerry android phone DTEK60 And factory reset

By | October 18, 2016

Today we will discuss how to do a hard reset and factory reset on your blackberry android phone. A hard reset and soft reset and factory reset will benefit you in many ways. Most of the work on a mobile you will be able to solve by hard reset and factory reset.

Basically for many simple tasks you have to go to a mobile mechanic’s shop. I hope you will be able to do these simple tasks yourself. Basically the tasks that you can solve by hard reset and factory reset are if you have a mobile lock and you forget that lock then you can unlock it with a hard reset. Locks are pattern lock, pin lock, password lock, finger lock, face lock, etc.

You can also solve many more problems with the help of this hard reset and factory reset. For example, if you find that your mobile is working very slowly, you can do a factory reset to fix it.

A lot of times you may have noticed that this kind of apps error message on your mobile comes to your mobile display almost all the time. To solve this problem you can hard reset your mobile.

If you ever see that your mobile is having a network problem, you can first try a hard reset of the mobile. Again if you find that any software is not being installed on your mobile while installing it, you can try a hard reset of the mobile to fix it. So now we can move on to our main task

blackberry android phone DTEK60 Specification

BlackBerry DTEK60 batter 3000 mAh and removable battery. In the mobile using a single SIM micro, SIM supported.  primary Camera 21 MP and  Font 8 MP.  operating system android 6.0. Regulation 1440*2560 pixels, and screen size 5.50, PPI 534. processor 1.6 GHz Quad-core, RAM 4GB, internal 32 GB, memory type micro SD.

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How To hard reset the mobile

Before starting a hard reset, factory reset please Remove SIM card and SD card from your mobile And Backup all important data from mobile.

  1.  first, turn on your mobile.
  2. Now Give the  pattern lock for more and more time wrongly
  3. Then you get a message to try again 30 seconds
  4. After 30 sec now Type “blackberry” on display and tap on done
  5.  Then again give wrongly pattern
  6. Tap on
  7. Do it Same like 6 time
  8. After doing 6 times type again “blackberry” on display and tap on done
  9. And then drow a pattern on display
  10. Now your mobile is going to factory data reset
  11. Yes now you have Done It

How to factory reset 

  1.  first, turn on your mobile device.
  2.  Now go to the mobile Settings option.
  3. After that go to Backup & Reset
  4.  Therefore Tap on Factory data reset.
  5. Then Tap on Reset Phone.
  6. And then Tap on Erase Everything
  7. Now Complete Done your mobile

Soft reset the blackberry android phone

A soft reset is very important for mobile. With this soft reset, you can solve only one problem. I think all kinds of solutions to solve any problem of mobile should learn to any mobile user. Basically, why do we use a soft reset? We use a soft reset to turn off the mobile when it is not working at all. I hope the soft reset will be of great benefit to you in time

Basically, a soft reset is a very easy task. I hope Any mobile user can do it very easily. I will now discuss how to turn off your mobile when it is not working at all or you are not able to turn it off at all.

You press and hold the power button and volume down button together for about 40 sec turn off your mobile. Release all the buttons when you see that your mobile is restarted. Hope you have been able to do the job successfully

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