How To Hard Reset BlackBerry Q10 factory reset and soft reset

By | November 1, 2016

How to hard reset factory reset and soft reset Blackberry Q10? You can easily unlock the mobile by doing a hard reset if you forgot te mobile lock. For default settings, You can do a hard reset and factory reset.

You can fix a slow mobile by using a hard reset and factory reset. For restoring mobile original data, hard reset and factory reset is enough for mobile. If your mobile is sending an Apps error message, make a hard reset to fix them.

To solve any kind of mobile problem, you should first perform a hard reset or factory reset on your mobile. If your mobile problem is not solved even after hard reset, you should go to a mobile maker

Specifications Blackberry Q10

  1. Network GSM / CDMA /HSPA /LTE.
  2. Version OS 10, up to 10.3.1
  3. Display Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen 16 m color.
  4. Memory internal 16 GB and External microSDXC (dedicated slot)
  5. RAM 2 GB.
  6. CPU Dual-core 1.5 GHz Krait (LTE version)
  7. Camera Primary 8 MP and secondary 2MP.
  8. Battery removable Li-Lon 2100 mAh stand by 360h 3G and up to 2 G 10h.

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How to hard reset BlackBerry Q10

#1. How to hard reset BlackBerryQ10? #2. How to delete the crash file of BlackBerryQ10? #3. How to restore BlackBerryQ10? #4. How to update BlackBerryQ10? #5. how to unlock BlackberryQ10?

  1. First, turn On the BlackberryQ10.
  2. After giving password 5 times
  3. Type ” blackberry ” on display
  4. Therefore tap on OK
  5. Again give the wrong password for 5 times
  6. You will see a warning message on display then tap on OK
  7. Now again type ” blackberry ” on display
  8. Thereafter tap OK
  9. And again give the wrong password
  10. And then Tap on OK
  11. Now wait for 5 minutes, the mobile will be restart. (note: if the mobile is not going to restart then press power button turn off manually and again turn the mobile pressing by power button)
  12.   Good job, You have done it

How To factory reset BlackBerryQ10

#1. How to factory reset BlackBerryQ10? #2. How to master reset BlackberryQ10? #3. How to master format BlackberryQ10? #4. How to reset phone BlackBerryQ10? #5. How to sole Apps error BlackBerryQ10?

Note: Before starting the factory reset, you make sure that the battery charge is 80%. And backup all important data from mobile. And remove the SIM card and SD card from the mobile

  1. First, turn on BlackBerryQ10
  2. Now go to the mobile main manus.
  3. After that go to Settings>>Security and privacy >> Security Wipe
  4. Therefore type ” blackberry” in the text box.
  5. And then the Tap on Delete data
  6. Yes, you have done the job.

How to soft reset BlackBerry Q10

A soft reset is a very simple job for a mobile. Any mobile user can do it without having trouble. Basically soft reset user for mobile hang. If for some reason the mobile hangs while using the mobile, you can fix the mobile by a soft reset. Basically, after a mobile hangs, the mobile cannot be turned off by pressing the power button, so the mobile has to do a soft reset.

Here’s how to do a soft reset on a mobile phone. After hanging the Blackberry Q10. Press together the Volume Down button and Power button for 50 sec.  And release the all button when restarting the mobile.

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