How to hard reset Lava Flair Z1 and factory reset

By | December 28, 2020

Every mobile user should learn how to hard reset and factory reset a mobile. You will get more and more benefits from a hard reset and factory reset. You will able to solve a lot of problems with your Lava Flair Z1. If you learn this method, I hope you can solve many mobile problems without a mobile mechanic.

What mobile problems you can solve using a hard reset and factory reset. You will able to unlock your mobile if your mobile has a pattern lock, password lock, pin lock, or other locks that you have forgotten.

For any reason, your mobile might be slow. Sometimes, you might have looked that some mobile apps are error problem. Basically, this problem happens after installing new apps. If your installing apps is corrupted or other problems. To resolve this problem, you have to factory reset or hard reset the mobile.

Moreover, many mobile users are facing some problems. Such as mobile network problem, mobile dialing problem, or any same as other problems. Many mobile users go to a mobile mechanic to solve this problem, I think you should try it yourself before going to a mobile mechanic shop.

I have given 3 solutions here to unlock your mobile including other problems. I believe that you would benefit from this article. If you have a question about it you can comment me in the comment box, I will try my best as soon as possible to give your answer.

How to factory reset the lava flair Z1

  1.  At first turn on your mobile phone.
  2.  Now go to the settings option
  3. After that tap on backup and reset
  4. And then tap on factory data reset and tap this option.
  5. Thereafter tap on the reset device option.
  6. Then Tap on deletes all / erase everything

After rebooting your mobile, your mobile will successfully factory reset.

How To hard reset Lava Flair Z1

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First, remove the SIM card And SD card from your mobile. You make sure that the mobile battery has an 80% charge. Mobile battery Charge is very important because of the low charge you might unable to hard reset your mobile.

  • First, Turn off your mobile
  • Now press and Hold VOL+ and POWER button for 10 sec.
  • When you see the Android logo then release all buttons.
  • Then press the Power button and Volume up button
  • Now you will see a recovery option on the display
  • After that select by VOL – or VOL+  wipe data/factory reset and confirm it by POWER key.
  • Thereafter select Yes– delete all user data and confirm it by POWER key.

ASUS ZenFone 3 Max ZC55KL

  •  now select reboot system now and confirm it tap POWER key.

ASUS ZenFone 3 Max ZC55KL

After rebooting your mobile, you have done

How to soft reset the mobile

You should learn this for gatting quickly normal mode when your mobile has become hung suddenly. If you learn this method you can solve the hung of mobile. It is no more hard work for a mobile user easily you can do it in no time. After being hung on your mobile, you will able to normal mode the mobile in this way.

how will you do a soft reset the mobile? Just press together the power button and Volume down button for a long time until the restart of the mobile. After making a restart, you might get normal mode the mobile.


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