How To hard reset lava v5, Factory Reset, Soft reset, unlock

By | December 25, 2020

Today I will discuss how you can do a hard reset, factory reset, and soft reset of your lava V5 very easily. And basically we will discuss what will benefit from this. A hard reset, factory reset, and software are very easy to do and you will be able to solve many big problems with these. Moreover, in most cases, a mobile user has to go to the shop of a mobile mechanic because he does not know these simple tasks, so if you learn these things yourself, you will be able to solve many tasks on your own without a mobile mechanic.

And now we will discuss what you can do to solve the problem through a mobile hard reset, factory reset, and soft reset. Lock any type of mobile, if you forget after locking the mobile, you can easily unlock it through a hard reset. The lock can be pattern lock, pin lock, face lock, and finger lock, or any kind of lock you can unlock through a hard reset.

You can also do a factory reset on your mobile. Your mobile may slow down for any reason and you can factory reset your mobile to fix it. This message may come to your mobile at any time due to any glitch or any other reason and then you can factory reset your mobile to fix this problem.

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Specification lava V5

  1. Display size 5.5 “, 720*1280
  2. Network is GSM, HSPA, LTE.
  3. Camera The mobile Font Camera is 13 MP,
  4. And the secondary camera is 8 MP.
  5. Battery Li-Po 3000 mAh removable battery.
  6. lava v5 smart Phone is a high-quality touch screen and HD video supported. 

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How To hard reset lava v5 lava phone lava mobile phone

  1. First, turn off the mobile Press the power button.
  2. Now press and hold  together VOL+ and Power button, Release all buttons when seeing the recovery option on the display
  3.  Then Select the Recovery use Volume Up button to select
  4. After that press the Volume Down button to get more option
  5. Thereafter, press and hold the Power button, and after 1-second press also Volume up button together
  6. Then select wipe data/ factory reset and confirm it press the power button
  7. And then select yes–delete all user data and confirm it press the power button
  8. Then select the reboot system now and confirm it press the power button
  9. Now hard reset has completed

How to factory reset

  1. First, turn on your mobile
  2. Now tap on Back & Reset
  3. After that, tap on Factory data reset
  4. Thereafter, tap on Reset Phone
  5. And then tap on Erase Everything
  6. Done

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Soft reset the device

Soft reset for mobile is used only to remove the hang of the mobile. Mobile can hang at any time if you use a mobile and it is very important to use software to fix it. How to use soft for hung? When your Lava V5 hangs, press and hold the power button and the volume down button together to fix it. Release all buttons after restarting the mobile. I hope the problem has done.

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