How to Hard Reset Lenovo A6000 Plus and factory reset

By | January 2, 2021

Why you should a hard reset or a factory reset an android mobile. There are many reasons for a hard reset or factory reset. Basically, you will be able to solve a lot of problems with a hard reset or factory reset. After buying a mobile phone you have to go to a mobile mechanic for some mobile problems. But by doing a hard reset, your Lenovo A6000 Plus mobile a lot of problems you can fix by yourself.

What kinds of problems will you be able to solve? Here is the first point that is mobile unlock. If you forgot the pattern lock that you have used on your mobile, you will be able to unlock the mobile by a hard reset the mobile.

In addition to this, there are many kinds of work that you can solve by a hard reset or a factory reset. If for some reason you notice that your mobile app sent error messages to display.

In addition to this, you can solve more problems with mobile. Such as mobile hang problems, Apps errors, Network problems, Slow mobile, or other any problems.

So now I don’t want to talk anymore. Now I am going to the main point of the hard reset and factory reset.

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How to Hard reset Lenovo A6000 Plus

There are some things you need to be aware of before starting work. As you think, mobile battery charge and mobile backup. Before starting the work, your mobile battery charge has to be 80%. And must backup all important data of your mobile such as mobile contact no and image etc

  1. First, turn OFF your mobile phone.
  2. Now press and hold VOL+ and POWER button.
  3. Thereafter select the recovery option on your mobile screen.
  4. After that select, the wipe data/factory reset and confirm it by the POWER button.factory reset
  5. And then select the yesdelete all user data and confirm it by POWER button
  6. Then select the Reboot system now and confirm it by POWER button
  7. After rebooting your mobile, now you have Done it.


 How to factory reset Lenovo A6000 Plus

When doing a factory reset, you must take care of the mobile charges and data backup. It is very important that after making a factory reset you will lose the important data forever. And without an 80% mobile battery charge, you might fail to factory reset.

  1. First Turn on the mobile
  2. Now Go to mobile settings options
  3. Thereafter tap on Reset
  4. Then tap on Factory data reset
  5. After that tap on Reset Phone
  6. Now tap on Erase Everything 
  7. You have Done it.

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How to Soft reset the mobile

We are using the soft reset for a mobile hang. Often you are facing trouble. The mobile totally not working suddenly. At that moment, you are unable to turn off the Lenovo A6000 plus mobile by pressing the power button. Because all buttons and touch are not working. Yes, that time you have to soft reset to fix the problem.

How to soft reset it?

Just a long time press power button and with volume down button. It will take a few minutes to restart the mobile. Release all buttons when you are seeing the mobile is restarting. I hope you have been able to do the job.

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