How To Hard Reset Motorola Moto M Review

By | January 14, 2017

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 How To Hard Reset Motorola Moto M Review

When we are trying for hard reset our mobile phone no problem. Before hard reset your mobile phone backup your mobile all data into your SD card or another device because after hard reset your mobile phone maybe after hard reset your mobile phone will clear all thing.


  1. Turn off your mobile phone.
  2. Now press and hold VOL+and POWER button few minute command icon will appear on the screen.

Motorola Moto M Review

  1. now for recovery mood press VOL+and VOL- together then see command mode.

Motorola Moto M Review

  1. Then choose to Wipe data/ factory reset and confirm it by VOL – button.
  2. Now tap the POWER button.
  3. Choose UserData + Personalize content and confirm it by VOL – Button.

How to soft reset the Motorola Moto M Review

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How To Factory Reset Motorola Moto M Review

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  1. Just turn on your mobile phone.
  2. Go to setting menu function.
  3. Now select GENAREL and Backup & Reset.
  4. Press factory data reset then tap reset the phone.
  5. Now choose to erase everything then press OK.
  6. Then complete done the factory reset.

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