How to Hard Reset Sony Xperia E5 Mobile Strong Reset

By | October 29, 2016

How to hard reset, factory reset and soft reset Sony Xperia E5? We can solve most of the mobile problems by doing a hard reset, and factory reset. There are so many problems that are happening on your mobile while using a mobile that you can fix yourself.

What problems of mobile will you be able to fix? You can fix forgotten pattern lock, PIN lock, password lock, fringer lock, etc. Further, while using the mobile, you may have got an Apps error message on display. So, you can easily fix the problem by doing a hard reset. The apps error message will be removed by a hard reset.

You may have suffered also with mobile slow problem. It can be fixed by making a hard reset or factory reset. So, I think, you should first, making a hard reset or factory reset, before going to a mobile mechanic.

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How To hard reset Sony Xperia E5

#1. How to hard reset Sony Xperia E5? #2. How to restore data of Sony XperiaE5? #3. How to factory reset the Sony XperiaE5? #4. How to unlock the Sony XperiaE5?

Note: You have to be careful, before going to start the hard reset job. First, backup all important data and remove the SD card and SIM card from the Sony XperiaE5. And you make sure that the mobile battery charge is 80%.

  1. First, turn Off your Sony Xperia E5, by pressing the POWER button.
  2. Now press And Hold together VOL+ and POWER button for 10 seconds.
  3. When seeing the recovery option on display, release all key.
  4. And when hold recovery logo on-screen Then press the POWER key.
  5. Now Select Wipe data / Factory reset and to confirm press the POWER button.factory reset
  6. And then select yes– delete all user data and press the POWER button to confirm.
  7. After that select the Reboot system Now and confirm it by POWER key.
  8. Yes, you have done the job.

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#1. How to factory reset Sony XperiaE5? #2. How to reset Sony XperiaE5?

At first turn on your Sony XperiaE5. Now go to the mobile’s main menu. Then Select SETTINGS >> Backup and Reset>> Factory Data Reset. therefore Tap Reset Phone. And then a warning message will show on display. After that tap Erase Everything. Now your mobile going to reboot. The factory reset has been successfully done.

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How to Soft reset Sony Xperia E5

The soft reset we are using for mobile hanging. If you notice that your mobile is hanging, you have to soft reset the Sony Xperia E5. Why you have to do a soft reset to fix the problem. Because after hanging the mobile, you can’t turn off the mobile by pressing the power button. So, it’s the reason for soft reset a mobile.

How to soft reset the Sony XperiaE5? When suddenly hang a mobile and mobile touch option is not working, you have to soft reset the mobile

Press together the volume down button and Power button for 50 sec and release the all button while being restart the mobile. I have hope, you have been able to successfully do the job.

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