How To Hard Reset Sony Xperia Z1, factory reset, soft reset , unlocking

By | November 3, 2016

How To Hard Reset Sony Xperia Z1? to remove the soft problem a hard reset and factory reset are the best. Easily you can fix too many problems by using a hard reset or a factory reset.

Making a hard reset very easy, any mobile user can do it by himself. I think it is very important a part of a mobile user. You can fix a lot of problems by doing a hard reset. A hard reset always helps you as a doctor. Most of the mobile problems you can solve by using a hard reset. A hard reset is a king for fixing a mobile major problem.

for a very simple problem, you always have to go to a mobile mechanic shop. I think a hard reset always will save you not to go to a mobile mechanic.

What problem you can fix by doing a hard reset? 

Yes, you can be sure that a 60% or 70% problem can be done using a hard reset. If you are getting apps error problem from mobile, you can fix the problem by using a hard reset. Mobile forgotten lock you will be able to unlock using a hard reset. If your mobile is very slow, to fix the problem, making a hard reset. Besides, if you notice that mobile networking problems, do a hard reset to fix the problem if the problem comes from software problems.

How to hard reset Sony Xperia Z1

1#How to hard reset Sony Xperia Z1? 2#How to unlock locked mobile? 3#How to restoring mobile? 4# How to clear mobile data? 5#How to unlock a mobile forgotten lock?

You make sure that you have Backuped all important data from mobile. And the mobile battery charge is 80%.

  1. Under the micro-SIM cover, You can find a small red button to reset the mobile
  2. Now press and hot it,  you feel three vibrations, the mobile will turn off
  3. Therefore press the power button
  4. After turn on the mobile, you will see the password display
  5. Now draw the pattern on display
  6. Tap on Done
  7. Again tap on Done
  8. Tap on Ok

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How To Factory Reset Sony Xperia Z1

  1. First, turn Off your mobile by press POWER button. And remove the SIM card and SD card from Sony Xperia Z1.
  2. Now Turn On your mobile go to Settings then go to Backup & Reset.
  3. Therefore tap on Factory Data Reset and then Reset phone.
  4. Now draw the pattern lock
  5. Thereafter tap on Erase Everything
  6. Then your mobile going to reboot
  7. Yes, You have done the job

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How to soft reset your mobile

Soft reset one of the best ways to fix the mobile hanging problem. Hang is a common problem for a mobile. Any time might be a hang without any reason. There are many reset regions for hanging on a mobile. such as, for the mobile soft wearing problem, RAM overloading, ROM overloaded, Virus attacking mobile, etc.

How to soft reset Sony Xperia Z1? 

To fix the hanging problem, press together with a long time volume down button and power button. Release all buttons, after restarting the mobile.

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