how to hard reset Symphony v49 mobile 10000% Solution

By | October 27, 2016

How to hard reset and factory reset, master format, restoring data for Symphony v49. Basically, why should you a hard reset, factory reset, and soft reset the Symphony v49? Yes, it is a very important part of a mobile and mobile user.

By doing a hard reset you can unlock forgotten lock. besides, you may notice an Apps error message on your mobile obtain. Actually, the message comes from your mobile system file because it starts after installing a bad app on your mobile.

in addition to that mobile slow problem and mobile network problem, you will be able to solve by doing a hard reset or a factory reset.

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How To hard reset Symphony  v49

#1. How to hard reset Symphony  v49? #2. How to unlock forgotten lock from symphony v49? #3. How to fix the Apps error problem? #4. How to Restoring original data in Symphony  v49?

In this method, I will teach you how you will be able to hard reset? In the below, you will get the solution of hard reset of Symphony  v49 step by step.

Before starting the hard reset on your mobile. First, you make sure that your Symphony  v49 mobile battery charge is 80% and be sure that you have taken backup all important data from Symphony  v49.

  1. First, turn off  Symphony  v49 and remove the SIM card and SD card
  2. Now press and hold (VOL+ and POWER button) for 10 seconds. (note if not working try VOL- and POWER button)
  3. Then from recovery mode select wipe data/factory reset and confirm it by POWERkey.
  4. Therefore select yes– delete all user data and press POWER key.
  5. And then select the reboot system now and confirm by POWER key.
  6. after that, your mobile going to reboot
  7. after rebooting, You have done the job.

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How To factory reset Symphony V49

#1. How to factory reset the Symphony v49? #2. How to reset the Symphony v49? #3. How to master format the Symphony v49?

In this below, we have given the factory reset solution of Symphony v49. Please follow the solution to complete the factory reset of Symphony v49 easily.

  1. First, turn off your Symphony v49, and remove the  SIM Card and SD Card.
  2. Now turn on your Smartphone
  3. Then Go to settings
  4. And then tap on Backup And reset
  5. Therefore tap on factory data reset
  6. After that tap on Reboot system now
  7. Now you have successfully finished the job.

How to Soft reset

#1. How to soft reset from Symphony v49? #2. How to hang remove From Symphony v49? #3. How to data restore From Symphony v49?

A soft reset is a simple method for Symphony v49. When your mobile is hung and you can not use it or the mobile totally not working then you have to soft reset the Symphony v49.

How to remove the hang from the Symphony V49? Press for long time Volume Down button and Power button for 60 sec. After restarting the mobile release all buttons. Then you are done.

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