How to Hard Reset Vodafone Smart Platinum 7 And Soft Reset

By | January 1, 2021

How to Hard Reset Vodafone Smart Platinum 7 and factory reset your mobile. First, you need to know why hard reset and factory reset is very important for mobile. As far as I know, a lot of mobile problems are solved by a hard reset or a factory reset.

What problems can you solve by a hard reset or a factory reset? Basically, If you forget a mobile lock, you will able to unlock the lock by a hard reset or a factory reset. Any type of lock you can unlock by it. Such as pattern lock, Password lock, Pin lock, Face lock, and fringer lock.

In addition, For whatever reason, your mobile might be slow or an apps error problem. Sometimes, you might have seen an error message on the mobile display. This type of problem you can solve by a hard reset or factory reset your mobile. Also, you can hard reset the mobile for any problem what you are not able to solve manually.

Most of the time, maybe you have seen without any reason the mobile network not work properly. That time, you can use the method for the problem.

Phone Connected to Wifi but internet not working

how to hard reset Vodafone Smart Platinum 7

Before starting a hard reset or factory reset it is important that backup all important data from your mobile. And you make sure that the mobile battery charge is 80%. Because of the low charge battery, you might fail to do a hard reset or factory reset. Moreover, Remove the SD card and SIM card from your mobile, before starting it.

  • First, turn Off your mobile phone.
  • Now press and Hold VOL+ and POWER button for 10 seconds and when vibrate the mobile, release all button.
  • Thereafter select wipe data/ factory reset and confirm it by the POWER button.
  • ASUS ZenFone 3 Max ZC55KL
  • Now select yes–delete all user data and confirm it by POWER button.
  • After that select the reboot system now and press the POWER button to confirm it.
  • Now you have done it.

How to factory reset Vodafone smart platinum 7

Remember it, first, Remove SD card and SIM card. and also backup all important data from mobile such as mobile contact no or image. And make sure that 80% charge is the mobile battery.

Now go to mobile option sattings>>Backup and reset>> factory data reset>>reset Phone>> erase everything after reboot your mobile phone is ok.

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How to Soft reset

A soft reset is a very easy method. Any mobile user can do it very easily without hassle. It is very simple work but important for a mobile user. At the right time, you need to remember to solve the simple problem of the simple method.

Why you use the method for your mobile. Actually we are using this method when we see a mobile hangs. Sometimes you might have seen mobile have hung suddenly. That time, you don’t have to open the mobile battery from your mobile to solve the problem.

How to soft reset the mobile? After hanging the mobile, just press the power button and volume down button for 1 minute. Thereafter release all buttons when you see the mobile is restarting. After restarting the mobile, you have done it.

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