How To Hard Reset Walton Primo E7 2016

By | December 15, 2020

How To Hard Reset Walton Primo E7 2016 and factory reset. You can easily hard reset your mobile to unlock or restore your mobile. Many mobile users are thinking a hard reset is very difficult a thing. But they don’t know that it is very easy to hard reset a mobile. For simple work, they have to go to the mobile maker shop. I believe that you never have to go to the mobile mechanic shop to do it after today.

With a hard reset, you can unlock your mobile, And you will be able to restore mobile original data. And also I will show you how to factory reset a mobile. The factory reset also the same thing for mobile but the method is some different from a hard reset. Before starting a hard reset or factory reset your mobile should have an 80% charge on the battery. Now I am going to start to below

Walton Primo E7 how to hard reset Walton primo

Walton Primo E7

  1. First, turn off your Walton Primo E7.
  2. After being turned off, Now Press and Hold Vol up+ Power Button For 10 seconds
  3. And now release all buttons and when your phone is vibrating, you will see the android icon.
  4. Then press by Vol down-Key to select  Wipe Data/ Factory Reset
  5. Now select Yey—Delete All user data and confirm it by the power button.
  6. Now Select the Reboot system now and confirm it.
  7. Done

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How to factory reset your mobile

Before beginning the factory reset, your mobile should have an 80% charge on the battery. Factory reset also very important a subject for a mobile. If you see your mobile slow working or app problem, you can factory reset to fix the problem. Besides, to restore mobile data, you can factory reset your mobile. I have given the all staps below, Please let’s start step by step.

  1. First, go to the mobile settings option
  2. Now tap on Backup and reset
  3. And then tap on factory data reset
  4. Thereafter, tap on Reset Phone
  5. Now tap on erase Everything
  6. Done

How to soft reset 

A soft reset is very important for mobile. It will help you always, not to go to a mobile mechanic. Many of mobile user is facing the problem that he can solve it on itself but he unable to do it because of no knowledge. basically, when should you soft reset your mobile? Sometimes you will see hang your mobile suddenly. Then you can not turn off your mobile press the power button. At that time you need to soft reset to normal the mobile. Now I am going to show you how you can soft reset your mobile for normal mode. So see the below option to do it

  1. Just long time press power button and volume down button together
  2. You will see that your mobile will reboot then release all button
  3. Now I hope you are Done

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