How To Hard Reset Xiaomi Mi 5 – Mobile Strong Reset

By | December 27, 2016

Android xiao is very best and easy option. Now and days many people are using this Xiaomi Mi 5. I like this mobile xiaomi smartphone OS is the latest version. You can easily use this mobile. The mobile internet browsing also very faster. When we are using the mobile some problem sometimes showing. If you’re xiaomi mobile When you are using that time hang or not working any option. Touch is not working. Sometimes we are using pattern lock, password lock and after few days we forgot the password then should hard reset your mobile. Many people they don’t know how to solve it. It is very easy to do but if you don’t know that is very hard for you. Most of the people they don’t have enough knowledge about android mobile. I think every people should know about knowledge of android mobile hard reset system. Sometimes your mobile is running and not installing any software and some file does not delete then you can factory format your xiao mi mobile phone.

How To Hard Reset Xiaomi Mi 5

When we are going to hard reset our mobile phone. At first, we have to follow the all step because hard reset will most of harmfull problem our mobile phone. And must be Remove SD card and SIM card from our mobile because our mobile data will be lost after hard reset mobile phone.

  1. first turn off your mobile and remove SIM card and SD card from your mobile.
  2. Now press and hold (VOL+ and POWER button) for 10 seconds. (note if not working try VOL- and POWER button)
  3. Xiaomi Mi 5

STEP 3. Now release the power button and press vol up button and show recovery mode.

STEP 4.  Then select English and confirm it.

STEP 5. Now select Wipe reset and confirm it by power button.

STEP 6. Then select wipe all data confirm it by the power button.

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STEP 7. Now reboot your phone now complete screen option and then your mobile will completely be

How to factory reset Xiaomi Mi 5

Before factory reset your mobile phone Remove SD card and SIM card from your mobile phone.

1. First, you have to turn off your mobile by the power button.

2. After turn off your mobile, you have to remove SIM Card and SD Card Form Your android phone.

3. And your phone is ready to factory reset

4. Now turn on your Smartphone and touch menu button and go to setting option.

5. Then go to Backup And reset option and tap this option.

6. Now you see the option factory data reset and you tap this option by.

7. Then tap reset device option then after a few minute, your smartphone will reboot.

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soft reset your mobile phone

When we are using the mobile phone We are looking our mobile suddenly not working. Touch is not working and is hand then we are thinking maybe our mobile has damage we are going to mobile service shop but I want to say first you can try to solve this problem it himself take a few time then again put the battery on your mobile phone and then power on If the problem has solved so done .If it is not working then you can hard reset or factory reset the mobile. If the mobile phone it not working then you can firmware the mobile phone just download the flash file from internet and try it if not working then maybe the mobile parts is the problem.

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