How To Hard Reset ZTE nubia Z17- zte android phone 2017

By | June 8, 2017

Today I will tell you about ZTE nubia Z17 hard reset zte android phone. You can reset zte android phone easily. There are also many sets that FRP wants to lock after hard reset. However, zte android phone for this before resetting your ZTE nubia Z17, if you have a Google ID, then you have to remotely remove it and then zTE nubia Z17 hard reset zte android phone will be hard reset. If you want an FRP lock or Google ID after hard reset from your FRP lock on your mobile, then again it will be a big problem to open that lock.

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Hard Reset ZTE nubia Z17

Hard reset is the common problem for all Android mobile. When your ZTE nubia Z17 mobile is not working any option or mobile is slow and every option is making some problem then your ZTE nubia Z17 need a hard reset. When we are using ZTE nubia Z17 use as some time playing song, Game, or browsing internet than some crash file stored in ram and memory the file is dummy file and the dummy file is very bad for ZTE nubia Z17 android mobile. When we do mobile hard reset  ZTE nubia Z17. After hard reset  the mobile everything will cling.

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ZTE nubia Z17 Hard Rest

1. First press Power Button to turn Off your mobile phone.

2. Now press Volum Up + Power Button Together for few seconds.

3. When you see on your mobile display ZTE LOGO  then releases Both keys.

4. Now select Wipe option And Tap the option.

ZTE nubia Z17

ZTE nubia Z17

5. Select Format Data from next appear screen option.

5. Now see Confirm Wipe Box then type Yes.

ZTE nubia Z17

ZTE nubia Z17

5. When the wipe is complete then tap Reboot System.

6. After Reboot System now complete Done your mobile.

How To Factory Reset ZTE nubia Z17

  1. Turn On your mobile press by the power button.
  2. Now go to setting option Backup & Reset.
  3. Choose from option Factory Data Reset.
  4. From the next option Reset Phone.
  5. Now Select Ok For clear all data.
  6. Then complete Done Everything.

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