How To Hotspot setup on Google Pixel XL- google phone

By | June 11, 2017

Google Pixel XL Hotspot Setup; Today I’ll describe Google’s Pixel  or Google phone smartphone’s hotspot setup information. Trying to negotiate the easy rules for setting up google phone hotspots. Hotspot is an Internet connection that allows you to create an internet connection through WiFi connectivity without your own wire from one mobile to another. And with this google phone hotspot, you can give internet connection to a smartphone, laptop, computer or any other device. Google Pixel XL hotspot is essential for all Wi-Fi or wireless. To use the internet connection to the hotspot network, you must first connect the hotspot setting to your mobile phone.

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Google Pixel XL  WiFi-Hotspot

Google Pixel XL You can connect the device to the laptop, computer desktop, and other suitable devices if you want. And google phone will be safe wireless internet supply for your Android device. Again, it is also seen that anyone trying to confuse the unknown device. Google Pixel XL hotspot is a big problem for many people. There are many people who want to run the Internet with a hotspot connection from any unknown device. It may be your problem for you (IP) complaint May So I think it is not unknown to try to run the hotspot wireless internet from any of the movies.

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How To Setup Google Pixel XL  WiFi-Hotspot

  1. First turn on your Google Pixel XL mobile phone.
  2. Now go to Home screen on your mobile and find out setting option.
  3. Then Tap setting option and then tap More.
Google Pixel XL

Google Pixel XL

4. Now Go to Tethering & Portable hotspot and tap it and turn on.

Google Pixel XL

Google Pixel XL

5. Then Tap setup a Wifi Hotspot.

6. Now type in Network SSID BOX you can type anything.

7. In Security box select WAP2 PSK.

8. IN password BOX you can change your password for mobile data safety.

9. When everything is complete then save this.

How To Connect Wifi to Other devices

1. First turn on Tethering & Portable hotspot and tap it and turn on of google Pixel.

2. Now in Witch mobile, you want to use Wifi internet that mobile turn on Wifi.

3. If Wifi is available then tap this device and give the password to access wifi internet from google Pixel .

4. Now Everything is ok then you can use WiFi internet in your mobile.

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