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By | May 30, 2017

mobile app themes  Today I will show you how to customize your Samsung Galaxy s8 theme. I think The custom theme very useful for all android mobile users. Every people are using the Samsung Galaxy S8. But they are can not use properly the mobile as you want. Because when we buy a new Android mobile phone, Then we are showing the default option was set by the company. Now I want to say If we want to use more themes and other apps on our mobileGalaxy s8 for better. Yes, it is possible we can do it very easily. Today I give you very fantastic some app links If you use the app I hope you like it. Till last follow all articles then you can do the mobile app themes will customize your mobile.

When you customize your mobile, then your mobile will add more new options. And with all these new options, you can use your mobile phone more easily. And with this increasing security of your mobile will be doubled even more. seeing all the new displays and due to all this, the humanity of using this mobile will increase manhood twice more.

see this link for best customize your mobile.

See also more links To download the customized theme. 

mobile app themes How To Root Samsung Galaxy S8

Root is very important for any android mobile phone. After the mobile is rooted, if you want on your mobile phone, edit the code in the mobile. It can be easily accessed, for example, if you want to read, all the information on your mobile will be easy to get. If it is such that your mobile network is locked, you will have to root it first. Again, there may be many apps on your mobile that you can not install even if you want, then you have to root your mobile-first. Every think is complete then download the mobile app themes and install it and see the latest programs.

mobile app themes

mobile app themes

How To Strat Root your mobile

This method will show how KingRot apps routinely route your Android phone through mobile. It’s a very simple and popular app for rooting Android phones. And It was initially the Chines version. It has been a few days since the English version has been released. And also It allows you to root your phone with just one click. It is possible to route up to a lot of update versions.

How To root your mobile for more knowlage

  1. First download (4.9.6 Updated) app from here and install it. (Note: The developer team of this app recently said that it can be rooted from Android 2.3 to the latest version 6.1).
  2. After installing, after downloading the app, your mobile will be scanned in a while and will show the following image. Make sure to keep your mobile internet activities for the route.
  3. root
  4. Clicking the blue button try It here will start the phone’s status Status Verify.
  5. root
  6. See the picture above the phone’s Root Status Verify.
  7. root
  8. Clicking the Start Root button in the blue color above the picture will start getting your mobile route.
  9. root
  10. The image above should wait until it is 100%. It can take 2/3 minutes to complete. If you get 100%, then success will be shown in the image below.
  11. root
  12. Restart your mobile now. That’s all.
  13. Then just uninstall all the ExtraApps except KingUser.

The second method – route via the mobile

In this method, you will need to use this app called Framaroot to route Android phones through mobile. It has created an Android developer called “Alpazain”, a popular Android Developer in XDA Forums. This is an easy way to mobile routing. Without any hassle, you can take your mobile route in just one click. This app allows users to root Android 2.00 to 4.4.4. The next version of the users can not root it by. So do not need to frustrate. you can root Any version of mobile from KitKat to the latest.

  1. First, Download the Framaroot (1.9.3 Updated) app from here.
  2. Then install the app on your desired mobile phone.
  3. Then click on ‘Install SuperSU’ and click on Gandalf as shown below.
  4. Waiting for some time now will show the message like “Success- Superuser and SU binary installed” You have to reboot your device ” It means that you are rooted. Now you have to restart your mobile phone.
  5. This is an easy way to root Android mobile through mobile. Now you have to show how to make an Android mobile route through a computer

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