how to portable wifi Setup in OnePlus 5 – mobile hotspot configure

By | June 20, 2017
OnePlus 5 portable wifi: OnePlus 5 mobile phone and one of the mobile phones among 10 mobile phones. This user is increasing day by day and all the options on this mobile are very easy. And the hotspot of this

mobile wifi or mobile hotspot works very well compared to the other set.Setting up a portable wifi setup in OnePlus 5 will try to show a very simple rule. I hope that if you read all the works well then you can easily configure mobile hotspot.OnePlus 5 portable wifi  Mobile Internet is very good speed.

OnePlus 5 portable wifi – mobile hotspot configure

OnePlus 5 mobile is very good mobile and OS 7.1.1. And this mobile is an alternative to other mobile phones. So everyone would love it.Many people are using this mobile but many users do not know how to configure mobile hotspot in OnePlus 5.When we start the Internet on mobile, if we want to share the internet on another mobile phone then we will have to configure mobile hotspot very well in our OnePlus 5.And at present, everyone wants to run this internet hotspot and configure the Internet because the portable wifi provides good speed when providing the Internet.

 If OnePlus 5 – mobile hotspot configure Is Not Working

There are many more OnePlus 5 mobile users who do not have a hotspot or Wifi on your mobile right after setting up a mobile hotspot or after setting up a portable WiFi.After configuring OnePlus 5 mobile hotspot, if you do not get hotspot signals on your mobile or if you do not have Internet access by Wifi on other mobile phones. Then there may be other problems because of any other problem.OnePlus 5 mobile hotspots may not be able to see your mobile plus it may be okay. And if you still see this problem remain in your mobile, then you can see a new software in your mobile. If you still have this problem on your mobile, then maybe there may be a problem with the hotspot devices on the inside of the mobile.

How to Configure OnePlus 5 HotSpot

  1. First Turn On your OnePlus 5 Mobile Data.

    OnePlus 5 portable wifi

    OnePlus 5 portable wifi

  2. Now Go To Setting Option And Tap Tethering and Mobile Hotspot.

    OnePlus 5 portable wifi

    OnePlus 5 portable wifi

  3.  Then Go To Mobile Hotspot And Turn On it. 

    OnePlus 5 portable wifi

    OnePlus 5 portable wifi

4. After Turn on Mobile Hotspot now tap on Mobile Hotspot then tap on Configure.

5. Now you can type on network SSID you can change the default name. next, in the security box, you select WAP2 PSK. Next  Password you can give the new password for your safety.

OnePlus 5 portable wifi

OnePlus 5 portable wifi

How to provide WiFi internet with your OnePlus 5 mobile phone

First of all, you need to turn on the hotspot of OnePlus 5 mobile. Once the HotSpot is launched on OnePlus 5 mobile phone, the other wifi mobile phone that you want to run the Internet, the WiFi launched. After you connect your OnePlus 5 you can successfully run the WiFi internet.

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