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By | August 5, 2021

How To Unlock FRP lock? Remove FRP lock from Sony Xperia XA2. Quick FRP removes the Solution of sony mobile. How to bypass FRP lock From Sony Xperia XA2? the easy way removing FRP lock from sony mobile.

FRP Unlocking is not a difficult task. If you try, you can easily unlock it without having to go to a mobile maker. Most of the mobile users who use smartphones face this problem. They don’t try to bypass it when it’s locked. And then they go to the mobile mechanic. They don’t try themselves to bypass it, but they can easily bypass this simple task if they wish. We hope, you will benefit from this article and be able to easily solve the problem of FRP. So let’s try to follow the all steps from below.

What is Apps Need for it

Maybe without VPN you can not download the apps from the link


Settings: Get Link



All apps

How To Remove Frp Lock from your mobile

  1. First Turn on your mobile
  2. Now Tap on GET Started 
  3. After That Tap on Accept
  4. Now tap on Skip
  5. Now Connect Wifi internet in your mobile
  6. Therefore Go back  and tap on Skip
  7. Tap on Don’t Copy
  8. Now turn off your mobile
  9. after that insert, a SIM card with a PIN locked 
  10. Tap on 0000 four-time  ( zero )
  11. Now press together tick mark and Power button
  12. After that press the Power button
  13. pull the Android setup to the left from the mobile display
  14. Now tap on the settings icon
  15. Now tap on the information icon
  16. After that tap on advanced
  17. Now tap on browser App
  18. After that Tap on Opening links
  19. Now tap on youtube and again tap on youtube
  20. Now tap on Advanced
  21. After that tap on the notification
  22. Now tap on advanced
  23. Now tap on additional settings in the app
  24. After that tap on About
  25. Now tap on youtube term & service
  26. Now tap on Accept and continue 
  27. After that tap on no thanks
  28. Now type Romfast on the search box in the browser
  29. After that tap on FRP
  30. Now tap on settings: GET link
  31. After that tap on the Cross icon
  32. Now tap on Gmail bypass
  33. After that tap on continue
  34. Now tap on allow
  35. Now tap on OK
  36. After that tap on Open
  37. Now tap on settings
  38. Now turn on Allow From this source
  39. After that tap on the back button
  40. Now tap on install
  41. Now tap on Open
  42. After that tap on Lock Screen & security
  43. Now tap on fingerprint manager
  44. After that tap on next
  45. Now go back to the browser
  46. And tap on Menu Romfast Get Link
  47. Now tap on allow and again tap on allow
  48. after that tap on Expert, 1 android 8 and 9 Get Link
  49. Now tap on Expert 1 android 8
  50. Now tap on OK
  51. Go back And tap on Expert 2 Android 8 and 9
  52. Now tap on Expert 2 Android 8
  53. Now tap on Ok
  54. And then tap on Details
  55. After downloading tap on Expert 1 android 8 and tap on Done
  56. Now tap on Expert 2 Android 8 and tap on install
  57. Now tap on Open
  58. After that tap on 3 dots
  59. And tap on Browser Sign- in and tap OK
  60. Now give a new Gmail ID tap next
  61. Now give the password of Gmail and tap on next
  62. After that, it will take a few minutes
  63. Now go back to GET Started 
  64. After that tap on GET Started 
  65. Tap on Don’t Copy
  66. Now tap on Next
  67. Now tap on more > more > Accept
  68. After that tap on Skip
  69. Now Tap on Skip > Skip anyway
  70. Now tap on Next > More > no thanks
  71. After that tap on More > Not now > Skip
  72. Uncheck All of the Following apps
  73. and tap on OK
  74. Now tap on Finish
  75. Done

Final Words

I have Given the all easy solution for FRP bypassing. If you suffer any problem during solve the job please comments me, I will try my best to solve the problem as soon as possible.  Also, have another method for solving the job that is by BOX you can use MRT box to remove the FRP lock from your Sony Xperia XA2

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