How to Restoring, bypass passcode Apple iphone se 2020 unlock factory reset

By | July 1, 2020

Today I’ll discuss Hard reset, factory reset, Restoring, Bypass passcode disable, unlocking, updating, DFU Mode. If you are using the Apple iPhone SE (2020), it is important for you to spend a little time to learn it. You should learn it to save money and time. It is a very simple job that you can solve without a mobile mechanic. You’ll able to solve most of the mobile’s problems by using a hard reset or restoring the mobile.

At any time, Your mobile may have this problem, which may be due to your mistake or due to your baby. And if you have been suffering this kind of problem, you have no reason to worry, you can easily solve it yourself.

How to hard reset or factory reset Apple iPhone SE

  1. At first turn on the mobile press by the power button
  2. Now Go to the Home screen
  3. And then Go to Settings Option
  4. Therefore Go to General
  5. After that Tap on Erase
  6. Now tap on Erase all content And settings
  7. And then tap on Erase Phone
  8. Enter your passcode if you had used passcode
  9. And the accept all information
  10. I think You have Done It

How to Restoring and update data and bypass iPhone Disable

For an update and restoring and bypass iPhone Disable your mobile, you have to have a pc and USB cable and iTunes software. There are 2 methods for restoring and updating your mobile. If you have the firmware file, you can quickly be restoring the mobile in a short time, otherways it will take a little time to complete.

  1. first, turn on your pc
  2. Now turn on the internet connection to pc
  3. Then download iTunes software on pc
  4. After that install it on pc
  5. launch the iTunes on pc
  6. Therefore Turn on Apple iPhone SE 2020
  7. Now connect your mobile to pc by USB cable
  8. After that press and release quickly Volume up then again press and release Volume Down button and then press and hold the power button till it enables recovery mode
  9. Now Click on Restore (Note: If you have firmware file then press shift button from key bord and also press together restore and then select the firmware file where you have kept it )
  10. And then click Restore and update and next and Accept
  11. It will take a few time to download you will see the download processing right corner of the iTunes
  12. After downloading the file it will extract
  13. And after extracting the file the restoring will be stating that you’ll see on mobile display
  14. After a few minutes, your mobile will be restored
  15. Now you have done it

Deleted file recovery from Recycle Bin

How to enter DFU Mode

The DFU mode enables for Access iSO Hidden file.

  1. First, connect your mobile into your computer with a USB cable
  2. Now Power off the Apple iPhone SE
  3. After that press and hold the power button for 3 sec
  4. Therefore press and hold together the Home button and power button for 10 sec and after 10-sec release only the power button 
  5. When iTunes has detected the device then release the Home Button
  6. Done

How to Exit DFU Mode

For Exit the DFU Mode just, Press and hold together the Home button and Power button until display Apple Logo

How to Reset Network Settings

  1. First, Turn on the mobile
  2. Now go to the Settings from the home screen
  3. Then tap on General
  4. Therefore tap on Reset
  5. And then Tap on Reset Network Settings
  6. And again tap on Reset Network Settings
  7. Yes now you have Done it

The phone connected to WiFi but no internet 

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