How to root HTC U20 5G

How to root HTC U20 5G – Both Pc and mobile solution

How to Root HTC U20 5G: Root is a very important part of solving a big problem of a mobile. After rooting, the security of your mobile increases a lot. After rooting, you will get an extra option on your mobile which is the superuser option. So, after rooting the mobile, I hope you get many benefits from your mobile.How to root HTC U20 5G

When the mobile is FRP locked, To unlock it you need to root your mobile-first and if it is rooted, you can unlock the lock easily with a free tool. If for some reason your mobile is country locked or network locked then in order to unlock it first you need to root your mobile then you can easily unlock your mobile by any free tool or box. If for any reason your mobile is attacked by any virus then to remove those viruses you need to root your mobile-first then you can easily remove the viruses from your mobile with any tool.

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before Root HTC U20 5G

  1. Download the USB driver and install it on the computer. (Click Here To Download USB Driver)
  2. Need an 80% battery charge on the mobile battery.
  3. Need an original USB cable
  4. Enable debugging mode and OEM, form your mobile.
  5. You can fully clean the HTC U 20 5G by factory reset
  6. Note: After rooting, your HTC U 20 5G warranty will be void

Enable Debugging Mode And OEM

How to Safe Root HTC U 20 5G

  1. First, go to the settings option and Touch it.
  2. Now tap on About 
  3. Therefore tap on Software Information
  4. After that tap on More
  5. Then tap on Build Number (Note: if you see builder number then tap on the 7 times quickly).
  6. Now go to the back and then again go to settings>> developer option.
  7. After that turn on USB Debugging and OEM unlocking
  8. Yes, I hope you have done the Job

Now install TWRP On the HTC U20 5G

Before Install TWRP Copy The SuperUS APK and past the SuperUS in your HTC U20 5G Mobile’s internal memory. Note: If the TWRP zip file is missing from this link so try other methods.

  1. First, Power on of your HTC U 20 5G.
  2. Now connect your HTC U 20 5G to pc with an original USB cable.
  3. Now press together from your pc keyboard window button +R and then Type CMD.
  4. Then type ADB devices on command prompt for detecting your HTC U 20 5G.
  5. Then enter command  value  ADB reboot bootloader
  6. Now use the command Fastboot flash recovery.img.
  7. Then I Will install TWRP on your HTC U 20 5G.

Download TWRP From here

Chinese version TWRP Download here

How To install SuperUS On Your HTC U 20 5G

  1. Now Turn off your HTC U20 5G
  2. Press the volume up and Power Button together.
  3. Now connect a USB mouse to your HTC U 20 5G by OTG cable.
  4. Move the mouse click install.
  5. Choose SuperUS APK from your HTC U 20 5G which APK your past into your mobile.
  6. Now Install SuperUS APK on Your HTC U 20 5G.
  7. After complete, the SuperUS on your HTC U 20 5G then completes the root.
  8. Now Install root cheeker APK on your HTC U 20 5G
  9. If the root is then seen congratulation message you will see.

Root Second method

  1. First Turn on Your HTC U20 5G
  2. Now Make sure the Root HTC U 20 5G battery charge is 85%.
  3. after that Enable USB Debugging Mode
  4. Therefore Lunch iRoot on your computer. (Download Iroot from here)
  5.  and then Connect USB Cable to the computer in HTC U 20 5G
  6. After that HTC U 20 5G detects iRoot software.
  7. Therefore Click “Root” After rooting your HTC U 20 5G will restart.
  8. Now check your Root HTC U 20 5G  status ( HTC U 20 5G  root Cheeker)

2. How To Roots HTC U 20 5G With mobile

    1. First Turn On the HTC U 20 5G mobile internet data connection.
    2. Now Download iRoot APK (Download iRoot APK)
    3. Now install the iRoot on the HTC U20 5G
    4. Then start the iRoot tap on iRoot on your mobile display.
    5. Now iRoot finds your HTC U 20 5G root file from the internet.
    6. After finding out the Root file then tap Get Root access
    7. Then After a few munites, The Root Will successfully finish.
    8. Now check your Root HTC U20 5G (Download Root Cheeker)

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