How to root Samsung Galaxy S10+ without pc 1000% working

By | March 17, 2019

Root Samsung Galaxy S10+: Why you will Root Samsung S10+. If IME missing or network problem then needs to root your Samsung S10+ for a fix that. If Samsung S10+ does not support OTG or external pen drive no tension after rooted your Samsung S10+ will support external OTG pen drive. After rooting your Samsung S10+ you can use your mobile with an external mouse with OTG cable and just connect OTG mouse with your Samsung S10+ then you can control your

How Root Samsung Galaxy S10+

How Root Samsung Galaxy S10+

mobile options by this mobile. For supper user of Samsung S10+ need root. After rooting your mobile you get more secure your Samsung S10+. And also you can change the OS version of your mobile after rooted your Samsung S10+ If you’re mobile affected by virus then need the first root your Samsung S10+ then you can delete the virus by miracle tool. Remove country lock from your Samsung S10+ need root. If your Samsung S10+ not registered on network or country locked then to unlock the lock first need to root it.

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1. How To Root Samsung Galaxy S10+ Root Without PC

  1. First Turn on Your Samsung S10+
  2. Now turn on the Internet Data to your Samsung S10+
  3. Then Download KingoRoot APK and Install KingoRoot APK on your Samsung S10+
  4. Now Run the Software On your Samsung S10+ And Tap One Click Root Option.
  5. Then Wait For a few times and root will be finished.
  6. Now Check root your Samsung S10+ status (Samsung S10+ Root Checker APK )
  7. If you want to Unlock Root (To Download Unlock Root APK Here)oppo f3 root

Note: If you are trying to root Samsung S10+ But you can not do the work. And you are trying but you see it is not working then maybe your  Root APK is not accurate for this mobile download the perfect Root APK OF your Samsung S10+. under I give you another method to follow the next method.

What is USB Driver for Samsung Galaxy S10+

Why use USB driver, When you are connecting your Samsung S1+ to pc or laptop with a USB cable then without Samsung USB driver you cannot connect your Samsung S10+ to your computer. So before connecting your Samsung S10+ to PC need download the USB driver and install it on your PC or laptop then you can connect your Samsung S10+ to pc or laptop.

Download USB Driver Samsung S10+

You can download USB driver from here

 What is Samsung S10+ root tool why need it

The root is a very important part of your Samsung S10+. If you want to root your Samsung S10+ need Samsung tool for root your mobile. Before root your Samsung S10+ need the Samsung tool, now download the Samsung tool and install it on your computer. download Samsung USB driver downloads the driver and installs it in your pc. Must need Samsung USB driver other ways your Samsung G10+ does not recognize your computer.

Download Samsung USB driver

Click here to download Samsung S10+ Tool –  latest version

How To Root Samsung Galaxy S10+ root With Pc

  1. First, turn on the mobile and connect your Samsung S10+
  2. Download Kingoroot Software from PC (Download KingoRoot For PC)
  3. After download, the software then installs it on your PC.
  4. After installing it now launch the software on your PC.
  5. Now connect your Samsung GalaxyS10+ to Laptop or PC with USB Cable.
  6. After the launch of KingoRoot Software Then Click on the root option.
  7. Take a few munites, the root will successfully finish.
  8. After root completed your Samsung GalaxyS10+, for root cheek (Download Root Checker) Download the root checker and install it on your Samsung GalaxyS10+, and launch the apps and cheek root is successful or not.

Root Samsung Galaxy S10+ Root With PC

Now the easy way I will show you how to root your Samsung GalaxyS10+. you can root your mobile with PC. First, you need a Samsung USB driver and install it on your computer. Then download Odin 3 Latest version software. After that need, root file download from here downloads from here. search as your Samsung model number.

Samsung Galaxy j7 prime

  1.  install the Samsung USB Driver on pc
  2. And then start Odin 3 From your Pc
  3. Connect your mobile by USB cable to your computer
  4. After connecting your Samsung GalaxyS10+ to PC, you will see show ID: COM signal on Odin 3 upside left the corner
  5. Before root your Samsung GalaxyS10+ need root file, for download the root file go to download from here Before download, the root file needs sign-up there And search the root file as your mobile model
  6. After download, the root file, now Click AP from Odin tool to upload the root file
  7. After upload root file on Odin tool after that click start, Then take a few minutes
  8. When showing Pass! then completed root your Samsung GalaxyS10+

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