How To setup Huawei honor 9 hotspot wifi – wifi hotspot

By | June 13, 2017

Huawei honor 9 hotspot wifi: Today I will discuss how you will do the Huawei Honor 9, 2017 smartphone setup hotspot. Today, most people want to run wireless internet from one mobile to another via Wi-Fi connectivity. And because of the WiFi connection, the speed of Internet is good. And you can start hotspot from your Huawei 9 laptop, computer, and I can use this Wi-Fi connection with any other device like iPhone, etc. We have Huawei Honor 9 users who do not know what they need to connect to a Wi-Fi network from one device to another. Today I will try to show you how to step up the process of connecting Huawei Honor 9’s hotspot network.

Huawei honor 9 hotspot wifi

Huawei honor 9 hotspot wifi

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Why Use Huawei Honor 9 HotSpot WIFi

The mobile is available in the market their color  1. Amber Color 2. Seagull Gray 3. Charm Sea Blue The mobile release date in the market on 16 June 2017. Dual Camera back side camera is 20MP And Font side is 12 MP. 4G VoLTE Support In Feature 2X Optical Zoom, Portrait and bokeh Models.

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Hotspot Setup In Huawei Honor 9

1. First turn on the Power in Your Huawei Honor 9 Smartphone.
2. Then go to the setting options now see (drop down then top> right corner)
Select Huawei Honor 9 Tethering and Portable WiFi Hotspot. And tap this option.

3. Now tap the portable WiFi hotspot.

Huawei honor 9 hotspot wifi

Huawei honor 9 hotspot wifi

4. Then go to configure wifi hotspot.
5. Now successfully configure Huawei Honor 9 Hotspot Setup.

Huawei honor 9 hotspot wifi

Huawei honor 9 hotspot wifi

6. Now you configure your personal wifi hotspot, Now Change Network SSID name type as you wish.

7. Now you select it in Security BOX WPS2 PSK. own arbitrarily safeguard. you use your personal password for your security. USE new password In Password Box.

Turn on your Huawei Honor 9 Hotspot

First tap on the portable WiFi hotspot option.
Tap in the Huawei Honor 9 -Portable WiFi Hotspot.
Then WiFi hotspot connection will be started.

Now use data by mobile wifi hotspot from another device

Now turn on the other device. Then turn on the WiFi. Now your WiFi will be able to connect with your portable WiFi hotspot. Now you will be able to access the internet. And if you want to run on laptop or Windows, then install the WiFi adapter driver on your pic. Then launched the WiFi. Hopefully, you have successfully been supported.

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