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Magnetic phone charger for iPhone X 7 8 10 Samsung S7 S6 Edge all mobile

Magnetic phone charger: Best and top 10 USB Magnet Charger Cable For Apple iPhone X 7 8 10. And also this cable supported Samsung Xiaomi Cabo – Magnetic Cable. 1m Braided Mobile LED Type C Micro. This is a very hi quality Magnetic phone charger

Magnetic phone charger
Magnetic phone charger

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  1. This product supported in: Apple iPhones,Blackberry,Panasonic,LG,SONY,Palm,Toshiba,Samsung,HTC,Nokia,Motorola
  2. Features supported: Reversible,2 in 1, Magnetic Gold power,3 in 1
  3. Compatible For: USB Cable For iPhone 6 6s/5s 5 Lightning to USB Cable, For iPhone 8 X 7
  4. Compatible For: Type C Cable For Huawei P9 Xiaomi 5S, For Samsung Galaxy S8 S8 Plus
  5. And also Compatible for Micro USB Cable For Xiaomi 4X Note 4 HTC LG One plus, For Samsung S7 S6
  6. The feature also have: You get 360 Degree Rotate Round Magnetic Cable For Lightning/Micro/USB C Cable
  7. And also the feature also have: Nylon Braided, LED Indicator Magnet Cable And Power Protection
  8. Facility of this product: Fast Charging, LED Indicator and Strong Magnetic USB Cable
  9. Accurate Current for:5V/2A Micro USB Cable Type-c / for iPhone
  10. The cable length is:1m Type C USB Cable/ get Lightning
  11. The product Material: Nylon Braided, ABS, Aluminum AlloyandTPE

Magnetic phone charger | For iPhone Samsung Xiaomi and all mobile

The Magnetic phone charger Cable Micro USB data cable. the cable Type C and  Fast Charging Adapter, This is magnetic Type-C Magnet Charger USB,  For iPhone, Samsung and Xiaomi

LED Micro USB Cable
LED Micro USB Cable

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  1. This Product Compatible for: Apple,iPhones,Htc,LG,Panasonic,Blackberry,LG,Palm,Toshiba,Samsung,Nokia,SONY,Motorola
  2. Features supported in this product: Magnetic,3 in 1, Reversible,2 in 1
  3. Function uses:Magnetic Cable,Type C / Micro USB and Lighting
  4. This product comfortable For iPhone X, 8, 7, 6, 6S, Plus 5, 5s Se
  5. And comfortable For Samsung Galaxy S9, S9+, S8, S8+, S7, S6, Note 8, 7, 6
  6. This product comfortable For Redmi 5 Plus 4X 4a 5a note 4 4X, Xiaomi Mi 6 / 5 / 4
  7. And comfortable For Meizu, Huawei, SONY, HTC, Nokia and Motorola

Best USB cable for Samsung S7 S6 Edge Xiaomi Redmi 4X Note4 Adapter

LED Micro USB Cable For Xiaomi Redmi 4X Note4 Adapter. And Samsung S7 S6 Edge 1m Lighting Data Charging USB Charger Cable

Micro USB Cable
Micro USB Cable

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  1. This Product Compatible for: Blackberry,Samsung,LG,Panasonic,Palm,Toshiba,HTC,Nokia,Motorola
  2. This product Compatible For Samsung Galaxy S6 S7 Edge And also S5 S4 USB Cable Micro
  3. Compatible also for : Xiaomi Redmi Redmi 3s 4X Note 4 4X  Pro / Note 3
  4. And also Compatible For  Xiaomi Huawei Android Charger USB Cable
  5. You get Feature: Nylon Braided, LED Indicator Cable and Power Protection
  6. Use for: Data Transmission and 2A Charging Data Cable
  7. Current supply:5V/2A Charging Cable and also Data Sync Mobile Phone Cables
  8. The cable length is:1m Braided USB Cable
  9. Use Material For this cable: Aluminum Alloy, TPE, Nylon Braided and ABS

Best data cable and charger of Samsung Xiaomi Huawei Android Phone accurate current supply

Micro USB Cable current supply 5V 2.4A Charging, Charger Cable plus data cable For Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi Android Phone Charger Cable Micro USB Cord

Android Phone Charger
Android Phone Charger

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  • This mobile Compatible for Samsung, LG, Blackberry, Palm, Motorola, Nokia, Toshiba, Panasonic
  • Compatible For: Samsung Galaxy S7 / S6 / S5/ S6 Edge / S4 / A3 A5 / S7 Edge
  • Supported for: Xiaomi Redmi / Note 4 / 4X 3s Pro / Note 3 Pro Cable
  • The feature also supported: Hi-Tensile USB Cable For Vivo X9 / X20 / Huawei / For OPPO R11s
  • The feature also supported: Braid Charging Data Cable For HTC, LG, Lenovo, and Nokia
  • You get perfect Function: Fast Charging and Data Transmission
  • Use the best Material: High-Quality PVC and Power Protection USB Cable
  • The cable Length is:1m/0.3m
  • Regular Current supply:5V/2.4A(Max) that way it safe for mobile

Sticker for Mobile | Best Magnet Sticker Magnetic Car Phone Holder[2 pack]

Magnetic Car Phone Holder[2 pack], Universal Wall Desk Metal Magnet Sticker Mobile Stand Phone Holder Car Mount Support

Magnet Sticker Mobile
Magnet Sticker Mobile

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  1. You can use this product in Car and this is a magnetic system. Material use Aluminium Alloy
  2. this product Compatible For iPhone X 10 7 8 And also use for iPhone 6 6s For iPhone 5s 5 5s 4s Phone Holder
  3. And also Compatible For Samsung Galaxy S8 S7 S6 Edge and Samsung S8 Plus Note 5 8 A5 2017
  4. Compatible also more device: Universal, Xiaomi, Huawei, Meizu, LG, and Oneplus Phone Holder
  5. Feature You can Use it in Car or Wall and At Any Smooth Places
  6. In Feature also support: Mini Magnetic Phone and for any mobile and any device
  7. Use the latest Function: Car Dashboard Bracket Suporte Celular and Magnet Phone Holder

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Best Sticker Style Magnetic Car Phone Holder

This product  For iPhone X 8 7 Samsung S8 Air Vent GPS Universal Mobile Phone Holder Style Magnetic Car Phone Holder Stand

Style Magnetic Car Phone
Style Magnetic Car Phone

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this Product Compatible for Universal Use in a car. Material uses Aluminium Alloy and magnetic power it is not a charger and not a speaker. Model Number is Car Phone Magnetic holder use it any Magnetic holder, And also Use it in Universal Magnetic car holder Use also the air vent mount GPS car holder use also all Car Holder, car phone holder, Magnetic car holder

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