How To mobile hotspot setup in SM-J100H, portable wifi,1000% working

By | June 17, 2017

mobile hotspot SM-J100H –portable wifi new setup Solution.Today I will see You how To Setup mobile hotspot in  Samsung Galaxy SM-J100H. It is very easy To Do the Samsung Galaxy SM-J100H WiFi Hotspot setup.First You need to setup manually Configure the portable wifi. So many users don’t know WiFi hotspot is a very important thing for us. If Your setting is not properly configured, so you can not use the Wi-Fi internet.So Follow my all article for correct setting your portable wifi mobile hotspot. After the Hotspot setting, you can easily the service. Sometimes you are setting correct Hotspot to configure but Wifi is not working your Samsung Galaxy SM-J100H WiFi Hotspot. Maybe that is the problem from Hardwear or any software you have installed in your mobile Now the software is not working properly so you can delete the software from your mobile.So When you see this problem first find out the problem and fix it.

mobile hotspot SM-J100H

mobile hotspot SM-J100H

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mobile hotspot setup in SM-J100H

Samsung Galaxy SM-J100H Wireless WiFi Hotspot 802.11 A / B / G / N For this reason, your  Samsung Galaxy SM-J100H can get wireless internet access to share WiFi hotspot with any Android mobile. Follow the front of you to use the Samsung Galaxy SM-J100H WiFi Hotspot.

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mobile hotspot SM-J100H – Tethering Setup WiFi Hotspot

1. Visit the mobile hotspot SM-J100H Smartphone home option.
2. Then go to the mobile setting option.

3.  Now tap on Mobile hotspot Tethering.

mobile hotspot SM-J100H

mobile hotspot SM-J100H

4. Then Tap Mobile Hotspot setting.

5. Now Witch on Mobile hotspot setting Allowed device.

6.  Then tap mobile Icon and  Configure mobile Hotspot (in the Upper corner).

Samsung Galaxy S8

7.  Now See Network Name (SSID), WPA2 PSK, You can change password At list 8 character.

Samsung Galaxy S8

8. Broadcast channel tap show advance then you see 2.4 GHz to GHz.

9. Then save this all configure.

How To Connect WiFi Hotspot to another mobile

First Turn On your mobile hotspot SM-J100H  mobile Mobile hotspot Tethering.  Now Which device you want to share your WiFi  Hotspot Data Internet. From Other smartphones, WiFi Turn on. Then search your mobile device and tap it then may be your hotspot internet is complete done

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