Phone connected to WiFi but no internet [6 Easy Way]

By | May 22, 2020

There could be many reasons for the Phone connected to WiFi but no internet. However, it is not possible to say in a specific problem. As far as I know, I have presented the problems that may occur. I believe you will able to easily solve your mobile network problems. What are the reasons for such problems can be, let’s try to see all one by one

Phone connected to WiFi but no internet

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1# Router Mac address limitation for Phone connected to WiFi but no internet

It is a common problem of WiFi internet data. You log in to your router to see if your mobile’s Mac address bandwidth is limited. If you see that your mobile MAC address bandwidth is limited, disable it.

You make sure that, is there an internet signal in the router or not? You have to check the router data receiving or uploading properly working or not. I mean, you have to check how much kbps you are getting from incoming, just an example if you have bought 2Mbps from ISP; you have to check the internet data on DU- meter are you getting properly or not

2# Router reset for Restore device

If the router is running continuously, many times this problem can occur from the router. Reboot the router first if you see that the problem is solved then there is no problem but if you see that the problem is not solved then you need to reset the router. Thereafter, you can try resetting your router to fix this problem.

3# Update Mobile apps of mobile system

If mobile apps are not updated, your mobile internet usage may be disrupted. I’ve noticed many times that the internet can cause problems if the Google Play service is not updated. It might be the crash file of apps. Most of the time, these problems come from a mobile crash file of apps. That is why; you have to factory reset your mobile to defaults all apps. Thereafter, you have to see the mobile date and time, whether it is set up current time or not.

4# Mobile Date and time

The date and time of mobile is a very important issue and many times it can cause this problem. If for some reason the date and time of your mobile are not correct then internet browsing does not work. So if this problem occurs, first check if the time and date are correct on your mobile. If the time date is not correct, then fix it. Hopefully the problem can be solved.

5# Mobile Network resetting

To resolve this issue, you can reset your mobile network settings. And to do this you need to go to your mobile settings option and find out where your network settings option is and if you get the option then reset it from there.

6# Factory reset your mobile to fix my phone is connected to wifi but no internet android

For a factory reset your mobile can be some differences from one mobile to another as usual. But almost all mobile rules are almost the same. Also on my website, there is a post of a factory reset of different mobiles. There are many solutions for mobile factory reset on this website. Specifically for every mobile you can see the solution of factory reset as your mobile model. I hope, the “Phone connected to WiFi but no internet”, the problem will have been solved after making a factory reset.

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