portable wifi hotspot Xiaomi Mi 5X Easy Hotspot Setup Solution

By | July 31, 2017

portable wifi hotspot Xiaomi Mi 5X; Dear favorite readers, today I will discuss with you how to set up the portable wifi hotspot on Xiaomi Mi 5X. This smartphone is called Xiaomi Mi 5X, which is the world’s best-known mobile brand, Xiaomi Mi 5X mobile releases August In 2017 And now it is available in the market. xiaomi 5X With this great deal of talk about the smartphone and the eye of all user used to be eye-catching. And for this reason, Xiaomi Mi 5X popularity is being extended day by day. If there are

portable wifi hotspot Xiaomi Mi 5X

portable wifi hotspot Xiaomi Mi 5X

Specifications of Xiaomi Mi 5X,

its Android operating system is 7.1.1 marshmallow and 12 MP camera has 5 MP on the rear side and the front side has high-speed network technology HSPA / GSM / LTE 3GB and Wi-Fi Or hotspot) connection signal 802.11 Let’s talk about what you need to do now to prepare the hotspot setup.Hotspot connection is one thing that we can run the internet connection on one device from one device to the Internet. This hotspot connection has many opportunities to connect to the internet, which means you can store data on your cellular Android smartphone and then connect it to a laptop, iPhone, computer and any other device. And when your hotspot device is allowed with another device You can do the rest of the wifi by hotspot when you get it. There are so many people The connection can not connect to.

How To portable wifi hotspot Xiaomi Mi 5X

  1. now turn on the internet on your device.

Hotspot Oppo F1 Plus

2. Now go to setting and tap Tethering and Mobile Hotspot.

Hotspot Oppo F1 Plus

3. then Click mobile hotspot and turn on it.

Hotspot Oppo F1 Plus

4. Now tap On Configure mobile Hotspot. Then you can change the password and name. Don’t share your password with other for your safety.

Hotspot Oppo F1 Plus

click reset to see How to create Hotspot Oppo F1 Plus – WiFi wireless router

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Hotspot is very important thing for all mobile user if you don’t know about that you can’t use it. You can use the internet Hi-speed ly. I like this option and you can share anything with other very fast. Every mobile has this option. Wifi hotspot really very use full you can connect your internet your other many devices. many devices have a need Wifi connect to use the internet.

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