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Root Oppo F7 Easy and faster root solution | one click root free

Root Oppo f7: Why root very important part of a mobile user. You get more and more extra facility after rooted your mobile. After rooting your mobile you can change the mobile os version manually. If you want to use OTG pen drive in your mobile then you have to first root your mobile.You can use a mouse on your mobile after root your oppo f7. You can command all option of your mobile after rooted.After root your mobile you can hack game coin. If your mobile is network locked then for the fix that needs root.

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What is required before Root Oppo F7

  1. Need USB Drive Download and install it on your PC. (Click Here To Download USB Driver)
  2. Next, need an original USB cable
  3. Need battery 80% charge
  4. Download SuperUS (Download SuperUS APK)
  5. If you want to remove root download unroot APK ( Click Here to Download from Here)
  6. Enable your mobile debugging mode and enable also OEM.
  7. Unlocked bootloader Click Here to download Unlock Bootloader.

How To enable Debugging Mode And OEM

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  1. Goto mobile main menu and then Setting Option.
  2. Now Touch on About Phone then touch 7 times on MIUI Version (if you see builder number then tap on the 7 times).
  3. Then again go to settings>> Developer Option.
  4. Turn on USB Debugging from developer option.

How To Root Oppo F7 Without PC first solution

  1. First Turn on Your Oppo F7 Mobile phone.
  2. Now Turn on the Internet Data to your Oppo F7
  3. After that Download KingoRoot APK and Install KingoRoot APK on your mobile.
  4. Now Run the Software On your mobile. And Touch One Click Root Option.
  5. After that take few munits to complite root.
  6. For root check  (Download  root Cheeker APK ) after install apk install it in your mobile.
  7. If you want to unroot then download Unroot APK  (To Download UnRoot APK Here)oppo f3 root

Note: If you are trying to root Oppo F7  But you are faling. After that try the below all step.

 How To Root Oppo F7 With Pc 2nd solution

  1. First, turn On the mobile.
  2. Download Kingoroot Software with your PC (Download KingoRoot For PC)
  3. After download Kingoroot install it in your PC.
  4. After install the softweare and then start the softweare.
  5. Now connect oppo F7 to Laptop or PC with USB Cable.
  6. After the launch of KingoRoot Software Then Click start root.
  7. Take few time for finish the root.
  8. After root completed, for root cheek (Download Root Cheeker) After download the apps now install it on your mobile and lunch it if your mobile root is 100% sucessefull then you will see there sucess massage.

Second method Root Oppo F7

  1. First Turn on Your Oppo F7 Mobile phone.
  2. Now Make sure Root Oppo F7 battery charge is 85%.
  3. Then Enable USB Debugging Mode Go to Setting>>> About phone>> UIMI  Now tap on builder number 7 time.
  4.  Now Go Setting tap developer option Enable USB Debugging.
  5. Then Lunch iRoot on your computer. (Download Iroot from here)
  6.  Now Connect USB Cable to the computer from Oppo F7
  7. Then your phone detects iRoot software.
  8. Now Click “Root” After rooting your Oppo F7 will restart.
  9. Now Sheek your Root Oppo F7 status (Oppo F7 root Cheeker)

    asus zenfone 5 root

     How To Roots Oppo F7 Without Pc the 3rd solution

    1. First Turn On your Oppo F7 and then turn on internet data.
    2. after that Download iRoot APK (Download iRoot APK)
    3. Now install the iRoot apps on oppo F7.
    4. Then start the iRoot touch on iRoot on your mobile display.
      Asus Root Zenfone 3 Max ZC553KL
      Root Oppo F7
    5. Now iRoot finds your root file from the internet.
    6. After finding out Root file then tap Get Root AAccess
    7. Then After taking a few munites, The Root Will successfully finish.
    8. Now cheek your Root Oppo F7 (Download Root Cheeker)

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