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How to root Samsung Galaxy A12 | Pc and mobile Both solution

How to root Samsung Galaxy A12? Aif the mobile is rooted, you get benefits in various ways. Rooting a mobile is not a difficult task, any mobile user will be able to do it easily. These are our easy way to root without any risk. You do not need to be an expert to root mobile and we’ve made it so easy for you here. Basically, you need to know what are the reasonable steps to root a mobile. Suddenly creating a problem with the mobile that cannot be solved without rooting. The tasks are easier to solve if the mobile is rooted.

Currently, FRP Problems happen at any moment. For example, you have to hard reset your mobile anytime for any reason And this problem is more common after a hard reset. The mobile can be easily solved if rooted.  Apart from this, you have to root the mobile to solve the country lock problem. You may have noticed the problem of apps errors. To solve this problem, you need to have root in your mobile so this makes it easier to solve the problem. You have to follow our steps one by one to root.

What is Root? Root any latest version android mobile in 2020 

Remove FRP and google account from Samsung A12

1# How To Root Samsung Galaxy A12 with mobile

  1. First Turn on the Samsung A12
  2. Thereafter, turn on the Internet Data from Samsung A12
  3. Download The KingoRoot APK and Install KingoRoot APK to Samsung A12
  4. Afterward,  Run the Software from the Samsung A12 And Tap on the One Click Root Option.
  5. It will take a few times to root completely.
  6. After rooting completed. then you have to check the root status from Samsung  A12 (Samsung  A12 Root Checker APK )
  7. If you want to Unlock Root (To Download Unlock Root APK Here)oppo f3 root

Note: If you fail to root Samsung A12 First, you have to check the internet connection, and if you see the internet connection ok, There may be other problems. otherways you may try the below method.

What is USB Driver

The USB drive is a very important part, it should not be neglected. Without the USB driver, you will never be able to connect your mobile to your PC. So before rooting you download the USB driver from your PC and after downloading install it on your PC. And then try to root, hopefully, you won’t fail

Download USB Driver Samsung A12

You can download the USB driver from here

What is the root tool why need it

Basically, the root tool is an easy way to root a mobile. If you want to root your mobile with the root tool then you can easily root your mobile with a root file. Moreover, if you root your mobile with this tool, there is no possibility of any kind of risk.

The first thing you have to make sure that before rooting, 1. you need to have a USB drive installed in your PC 2. Need also an original USB cable. Mobile battery charge should be 80%

Download Samsung USB driver

Click here to download Samsung A12 – latest tool

2# How To Root Samsung Galaxy A12 With Pc

  1. First, turn on the Samsung  A12  and go to settings turn on OEM option USB debugging enable from Developer option
  2. Afterward, Download Kingoroot Software from PC (Download KingoRoot For PC)
  3. Now install the software to pc
  4. Thereafter, launch the KingoRoot Software from pc ( Note: Must need an internet connection in pc)
  5. Now connect your Samsung  A12 to a PC with a USB Cable. (Note: You will get a massage option on the mobile screen, tap the checkbox and ok)
  6. Afterward, take it a few seconds, Samsung A12 will be connected to Kingroot
  7. After being connected to Kingroot now click Root from Kingroot. It takes a little time to be complete 100%
  8. You to confirm whether the root has completed or not, to cheek root (Download Root Checker), after downloading the root checker install it to Samsung  A12
  9. Now launch the root checker apps on mobile and check the root status

3# Root Samsung A12 With PC with Odin3

This is the 3rd method and 100% safe mode for root solution. Moreover, I like it very much in this way. If the CF-auto root file is available, you can do it. First, you have to install the Samsung USB driver to pc. Thereafter, download the Odin 3 Latest version software. After that, download the CF-auto root file from here downloads. Here you have to search the root file as your Samsung model number.

Samsung Galaxy j7 prime

  1. note: first Install the Samsung USB Driver to pc
  2. therefore launch Odin 3 From Pc
  3. Afterward, turn off the Samsung  A12
  4. And then, Press and hold together the Volume Down and Power button
  5. When you will see the downloading option on the mobile display, release all buttons and press the Volume Up button.
  6. Thereafter, Connect your Samsung A12 with a USB cable to your pc
  7. if your Samsung  A12 is Connected to PC, you will see show ID: COM signal on Odin 3 upside left the corner
  8. Now Click AP from the Odin3 tool to upload the CF-auto root file
  9. Afterward, click start, after uploading the CF-auto root file to the Odin3 tool, and wait a few minutes
  10. After Showing Pass! then root will be completed
  11. Done


There are many reasons, why root success may not be possible if your USB cable is bad it is the one reason for it. If the root file is not good. You will also fail to root if there is a problem with the mobile crash file. So before starting root you have to hard reset your Samsung Galaxy A12 to remove the mobile junk file.

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