Manual configuration Hotspot/ WIFI Samsung galaxy m12

By | May 26, 2021

How to manually configure Hotspot/ WIFI Samsung galaxy m12. A hotspot is a very important part of a mobile user. Without hotspot using you will be deprived of many advantages. For internet data sharing one mobile to another mobile hotspot must be turned on of your mobile. it gives quick internet data sharing from one device to another device. However, it’s a very easy process, easily you can manually configure your mobile hotspot.

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How to configuration hotspot manually Samsung galaxy m12

How to manually Hotspot/ WIFI configuration. Wireless internet data setup. Multi-mobile internet data share the solution.

  1. First, go to settings
  2. And then tap on Mobile Hotspot And turn on
  3. Now tap on 3 Dots … the upside from the right corner
  4. And then tap on configure mobile hotspot
  5. Network Name (you can change but it is not mandatory)
  6. Security can be set to WPA2PSK
  7. Password (you can change but it is not mandatory)
  8. After changing everything, tap the save button on the bottom right side of your mobile.

Timeout settings

If you would like to use Timeout as a specific time, you can use it. This option allows you to keep your WiFi on for a certain period of time. And after this certain time, this hotspot will be closed by itself. If you want to turn on the timeout option, you can see the following steps one by one

  1. Go to the Settings option
  2. Now tap on Connection
  3. Then tap on mobile hotspot and tethering
  4. Thereafter, Tap on the mobile hotspot
  5. Now tap on 3 dots … from right up corner
  6. And then tap on Timeout settings
  7. Now select an option such as (Never timeout, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 30 minutes, etc)
  8. Done

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How to get internet data from your mobile to other mobile

If you want to share the internet from your mobile to any other mobile you can easily do so through hotspot. And to do this, first turn on the hotspot from your mobile. After turning on the hotspot, turn on the WiFi option of another mobile. If you want a hotspot password after turning on WiFi from another mobile, you can get the hotspot connection by entering the password that you used on your mobile.

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The benefit of the hotspot

Without a wire connection internet, data can be shared from one device to many devices at a time. No dropping inter-data when using internet data all users together.

A hotspot is also one of the most effective things for any major mobile update. For example, rooting your mobile with a hotspot can be the best way to benefit. You can also use hotspot internet data when updating your mobile OS. And if you want to share internet data from your mobile to any mobile then you can easily share internet data from your mobile to another mobile with a hotspot.

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