Samsung Galaxy S10 5G wifi hotspot Manually configure

By | May 1, 2019

Samsung Galaxy S10 5G wifi hotspot: Hotspot is a very important part of a mobile user day by day increasing internet using. We cannot think without the internet at this time. In our mobile, all important apps have to lunch on the internet. Without the internet, it is not possible to start. Here I have mentioned some apps which must need internet data for lunch. Such as IMO, WhatsApp, Instagram, and more same apps and game.

Wifi Hotspot Samsung Galaxy S10 5G portable wifi

Wifi Hotspot Samsung Galaxy S10 5G portable wifi

And also have other more work without internet data we can not solve this. Now I have to a little discussion that. First, after hard reset your Samsung Galaxy S10 5g maybe you see FRP lock on your mobile display. So to reset the FRP lock need internet wifi data. And also have more reasons such as to update mobile system need wifi internet data and to see video or internet browsing. But hotspot is best to share internet data from mobile to another mobile. Please to do it manually configure follow all steps from bellow

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Samsung Galaxy S10 5G wifi hotspot total benefits

After active hotspot from S10 5G, you get so many advantages. For example, you can share internet data from your mobile to another mobile. Many mobiles have after a hard reset they are facing FRP problem. FRP lock is a common problem now and days but it is very easy to unlock by wifi internet data. So to give Wifi to other mobile first, manually configure your mobile as a hotspot. Further, have more and more benefits from the hotspot for mobile system update wifi internet data is better that SIM internet data. And also from one SIM internet data, you can share with other many mobiles together. Now see the main step how to configure hotspot manually on Samsung Galaxy S10 5G

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How to Manually configure hotspot on your Samsung Galaxy S10 5G

  1. Go to your S10 5G main menu and then touch the display and finger sliding to up.
  2. Now you go to the settings option.
  3. After that touch the connection.
  4. Now touch on hotspot and tethering.
  5. And then touch mobile hotspot. (from right side get On or Off  symbol touch it and by the slide, you can On hotspot )

    Samsung galaxy S9+ wifi hotspot

    Samsung galaxy wifi hotspot

  6. After turn On the hotspots now again touch on mobile hotspot.
  7. If you want you can change the network name and password from here.
  8. Now turn on your mobile internet data to share internet.
  9. After complete all now you are done.

How to use the hotspot to Wifi from Samsung Galaxy S10 5G

After setup Hotspot on Samsung Galaxy S10 5g now to share internet data to another mobile. Make sure that you Galaxy S10 5G turn on the hotspot and turn off wifi. Now from another mobile turn on wifi. From another mobile will scan your S10 5G hotspot name if got the name you touch on the name from another mobile. After that give the password witch you given on S10 5G. After that from another mobile will connected wifi internet data then you can use that. Then you are done. Thanks, for staying with us and have any questions please comments to us

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