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By | April 5, 2018

Samsung galaxy S9+ wifi hotspot: Today I will talk to you about the hotspot. What to do with the hotspot. And why do we need it? And its use is why everyone needs to know. And now the question is what the hotspot is? Hotspot is the one that can share data from one device to another. And the use of hotspots is increasing day by day. And because of this,

it can be used to provide data very quickly. You can work without any cable. And the thing is, the hotspot is very easy to use. And if you know its usage, you can solve many tasks by this. In addition to this, the market router system is available in WiFi. And you can work better with that. And that’s because it’s made for the hotspot, and which makes it very powerful total area network. And because of which you can use the Internet faster. Samsung galaxy S9+ wifi hotspot.

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For which work need Samsung galaxy S9+ wifi hotspot

Hotspot can be used for many purposes. For example, after the resetting of your Samsung Galaxy S9+, for opening an FRP lock. And you can use the hotspot to reset this FRP lock by wifi network. On the other hand, you can turn on the hotspot on one device and provide WiFi network to many other devices. When updating the OS version of your mobile, use hotspots, because the hotspot does not drop the network. And for the big officer, it’s more to use. If you have many PCs in your store, you can run the Internet on all PCs with a hotspot of one mobile. But I will say that the router works best instead of the hotspot mobile. see from below how to Samsung galaxy S9+ wifi hotspot configure.

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How to setup and configure hotspot on your Samsung galaxy S9+

  1. Go to your mobile main menu and then touch the display and finger sliding to up.
  2. Now you go to the setting option.
  3. After that touch the connection.
  4. Now touch on hotspot and tethering.
  5. And then touch mobile hotspot. (from right side get enable or disable symbol touch it and by the slide, you can enable hotspot )

    Samsung galaxy S9+ wifi hotspot

    Samsung galaxy S9+ wifi hotspot

  6. After enabling the hotspots now again touch on mobile hotspot.
  7. You can change the network name and password from here.
  8. Now turn on your mobile internet data to share internet.
  9. After complete all now you are done.

How to use hotspots from Samsung galaxy S9+ wifi hotspot to another

Now I will discuss it with you. How to use a hotspot to create a total area network from hotspots on one mobile to another. So we start now how to do it. First, turn on the hotspot from your Samsung galaxy S9+. After starting the hotspot on your mobile, turn on Internet data and note that the if WiFi turn on of your mobile pleases turn off WiFi. Then turn on the WiFi from another mobile, and now connect your hotspot mobile to this mobile phone. If your mobile is connected, then you can run the internet on the other mobile. Hope you got done, thank you.

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