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By | July 5, 2017

social media marketing: Today I will discuss Top 8 social media sites. And through which you can SEO marketing and bring your website to the first rank of Google.Social media is currently powerful online marketing medium. If you are good at this, then many online income paths will be created. There is a great demand for social media marketing in the online marketplace such as Up work, Freelancer. All of the world’s people earn money sitting in social media marketing work.

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What is easy for social media marketers? social media marketing:

social media marketing

social media marketing

  1. Income through any affiliation: Sales plan is required to sell affiliate products. Social media activity, with the most help to create a sales plan. It is possible for the target audience to present the proper method of social media marketing to present the product or product related products to the people.
  2. Income through Teasering: teespering has many popular online income methods lately. It is also income to the affiliation system. It has to depend on 99% of social media for its income.
  3. Income through AdSense: Targeted traffic can be brought to the site of more AdSense, the higher the likelihood of income. In the current era, the biggest way to bring traffic is through social media sites. Following the proper method of social media marketing, the only good amount of traffic is available for marketing.
  4. E-commerce Business: Social media is the largest market for those who are e-commerce business. Social media is a great place to find clients for product pins. Branding your own e-commerce site and finding the buyer is the most dependent on social media.
  5. Five Success: It is almost impossible to get work done at the beginning if Gig does not get marketing after creating it. Social media is the most efficient place to market this gig. Gig’s sales can be possible only if targeted traffic is not created to cause grief, but the only Gig can be sold.
  6. Graphic River or Theme Forest Cell Increase: Graphic River or ThemeForest to upload the theme is not finished. The more you can sell the theme, the more income will be. So 80% of marketing for the sale of the theme is done in social media.
  7. Increase traffic to the blog: In the blog, traffic is not coming, income is not possible. The more traffic, then more income. In order to gain traffic, 80% of the experience depends on marketing in social media.
  8. Ranking in SEO: When a site is about to bring Google’s search first, it has to go through a lot of processes. In these processes, Google has given the most important to social media signal. For Social Media Signals, marketing is done in social media in the right way.

Top 10 Social Media platform- social media marketing

Which social media can you use for your business?

There are many types of social media, but since our focus is business, marketing through social media is:

1. Marketing through Facebook.

2. Marketing through Twitter.

3. Marketing through Google Plus

4. Marketing through Linkedin

5. Marketing through YouTube

6. Marketing through the VK

7. Marketing through the StumbleUpon

8. Marketing through Tumblr.


Why do you promote your company online?

social media marketing : We need to know why people are getting involved in online or why companies are promoting online. Why is the promotion of different companies online and why there is no TV and mobile phone in Bussabari, and everyone has a disc line in the house? What is the way SONY TV is not entertaining at any stage of entertainment?All Day Ad and many other stories. Say this time in the truth, as long as you start watching the TV, when the ad starts, the channel does not start to see another channel by turning. I myself also do that work.

But those advertisements were created to show so much money? In the words for whom I did steal, they made the thief. For those who have created ads, they can not reach them properly. And that will be done by the Internet-based social media. Global media based marketing has spread widely in the world, which demanded. Days are increasing, now our country has been started. It is expected that the next two to three years will be more massive My dear brothers and sisters may have thought about it so far, what will happen to Shakib Al Hasan, Ananta Jalil, Tisa, Jaya Ahsan. Without thinking of it, let’s see how social media can be promoted by promoting your business or client Being able to make a hero in his work, he can be made a hero himself.

Switching the income path by marketing social media

#1 FaceBook

Create a Facebook Account

Now how to open Facebook. Visit and open a Facebook account. You have become a Facebook account, all you need is to add friends to it. In this case, you can add up to 5000 friends. Remember, when making friends, do not choose anyone as a friend. Who can buy your products to ask a mind? What country are they? The product that will sell the people of a category Now enter a lot of information on your profile, because no one likes zero profiles. You will take a lot of time to make 5000 friends. Normally you can add up to 20 to 30 friends every day, more than that, Facebook can close your precious account. To add friends quickly, you have to buy any software. How to add friends. Click on the link below to open an effective Facebook account.

Now we have to create a facebook page. The page must be valid. You will post 5 to 7 posts of products that you sell every day, less than every day. Free tips will give. In this case, you can take tips on help or weightless products. To start creating a fan page, go to Select a type. Give an interesting picture on your page to get more attention. If you want to make a picture of yourself, you can go to Google Images to get a sense of it. Make sure that you have placed your website address on your fan page. In addition, give a meaningful name to your page.

Think of the product you want to sell with your page.

Think about the following

What is the right place for your product?
What is your product
Which type of product do you want to target?
What is your goal?

#2 Google Plus

How to create Google Plus Pages and promote it on your blog. We all know that Google has launched Google Plus as a medium of social networking, which has become a strong competition for Facebook in a very short period of time. Currently, Google Plus has created an enthusiasm within the social network, and the number of companies and brands it used has increased greatly. It is not only helping them to create interconnected relationships with customers and users but also help with SEO aims to help increase the Google Page Rank.

Google Plus has an option to create Google Plus pages, much like Facebook fan pages. Now you can easily promote your blog by setting up the Google Plus fan page badge blog. For this, you have to create a Google Plus page and then have to place it on the fan badge blog of that page. Today’s tips will be discussed in both ways.

Make Google Plus Pages

To create pages, you must first have a Google Plus account. If not, then create an account on Google Plus. After logging in to Google Plus account, a menu will appear on the top left mouse button, and then click on the Pages icon. A new page will appear where there is a button with the Create a page in the upper right. Click the button.

If you do not understand then click on this link after logging in. It will take you directly to the pages of the Google Plus Pages creation page. Now you have to complete three steps to create pages. Let’s create a Google Plus page.

#3 Twitter

How to Increase the Twitter Followers

You can share Twitter ID’s username on Facebook friends or page to increase your Twitter inventions. Together, Twitter has to be tweeted regularly. If someone has a message or questions, then the answer should be given as quickly as possible. This will increase Twitter activism, which will help to increase the force.

#4 Linkedin

Why do you join LinkedIn?

You can make your own professional brand/market yourself according to your skill.
By connecting with Connected Professionals with your Job Field, you can easily make career paths stronger.
You can easily convert ‘opportunity’ to professional ‘rails’
If there is a chance from a company and if someone of that company is affiliated with you at LinkedIn, you can easily get informed about the interview and so on.
There are about 2000000 groups in LinkedIn where we can take advantage of the group’s solicitation for example 1. One can discuss with all the professional problems. 2. Attending the discussion board, participating in the news board, and there are many opportunities for professional courses.
Only LinkedIn gives a person’s professional proficiency that he wants.

#5  YouTube

You use the URL of your website to traffic on your website from youtube.

how to create it see here.

#6 VK

VK is a social site like other social media. And through this VK, you can bring much traffic to your website. And you will try to discuss how you can open a VK account in simple rules. First, go here after going to this URL open a page then click SING UP Then complete the account. Type First name and last name, then give your date of birth. Then click again SING UP and going to next page. Now fill up all box to processed.

social media marketing

social media marketing


#7 StumbleUpon

How to Share 100 Visitors Every Day With StumbleUpon

Social sites play a lot role in bringing visitors to the website. This tune will give some relief to the people who are creating new sites that are suffering from visitors. 100 visitors get to share every day. But I have to do a little trouble. You need to log in and log in from here first.

And if you already have an account then it will not be necessary. Now complete your profile. Provide as much information as possible. If you want to have your website name given here as well. Then add your site link to the Add a Page option.

After that Safe for Work? Yes No Please enter yes in this place (Select one) Describe the correct description of your page with a keyword. Add one or more tags Here are some keywords. After that submit. The size of the tune’s pictures will be a bit larger.

#8 Tumblr

Tumblr is one of the few social media sites offering current microblogging services. That means you can get social networking facility as well as blogging facility through Tumblr. It is also called a hybrid blog. Popular SEO experts say that everyone who works online, it is mandatory for everyone to be active here. You’re trying to use Tumblr but do not understand how to get started? This is my today’s effort to get rid of this problem. For Sign UP click here

see here: online collage how to learn the online solution

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