How To hard reset BlackBerry Z10 and factory reset and password unlock phone

By | December 26, 2020

How to hard reset your blackberry Z10. Today I will show you, by doing a hard reset on a mobile how you will get the benefits. Really you will get a lot of benefits by hard reset such as you will be able to unlock your mobile by a hard reset. besides, you can restore your mobile by doing it. Any type of problem when you see then you should be making a hard reset first. Most of the mobile problems has solved after making a hard reset.

Here I have given 3 solutions. You can use it one by one as you need. My first solution is how to hard reset the mobile, and then the second solution is how to factory reset, and the third solution is how to soft reset. You can use factory reset for your mobile when you see your mobile network problems, mobile slow working, app error problem, etc. So et’s see my all staps to solve the problem

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Specifications the BlackBerry Z10 unlock the phone

1. Battery Li-Lon 1800 mAh

2. network supported is 2G, 3G, 4G, HSPA, HSDPA, LTE.

3. Micro Sim supported and dual-core  1.5 GHz, and Krait possessor.

4. The camera backside is 8 MP, and the front camera is 2 PM.

5. HTML5 Browser and USB supported, Micro USB v2.0.

6. RAM 2 GB and internal memories are 16 GB and external memory up to 128 GB.

How to Soft Reset BlackBerryZ10

sometimes our mobile making hangs and functions not working properly at that time we can use the system.

1. Just press and hold the Power button for 10 seconds and your mobile will turn off.

2. Then again turn on your mobile Phone

3. I how you may have been done.

How To Password Reset BlackBerryZ10

Sometimes you might forget the mobile password and that you can unlock it easily.

  1. First, turn on your mobile phone.
  2. Now enter the wrong password two times on your mobile phone.
  3. And that type your old password and solve your password problem.
  4. thereafter ask your security code and type the code and click under security wipe
  5. After that, your mobile will reboot.
  6. Then you have done the work

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How To factory reset BlackBerryZ10

 Sometimes it might be storage Full the mobile phone. And new apps might not be installed on your mobile Or mobile slow working. Then you can use this method.

  1. First, turn on your BlackBerryZ10. Now go to settings> Security and privacy > security wipe >> Give the password >> Delete data
  2. Done

How to hard reset your BlackBerryZ10

Before making a hard reset, you should backup all mobile data otherways you will lose all important data after hard reset completing. And also Remove SIM card and SD card from mobile. And make sure that the mobile battery charge is 80%.

2. At first turn off your mobile

3. Thereafter that press and hold the Vol+ button and Power button press for a few times.

4. Then your mobile turn on press again presses Power button power off.

5. After that rebooting your mobile then Done.

How to soft reset Blackberry Z10

A soft reset is not a very important thing. It is a very simple subject. But sometimes it maybe helps a lot. After being hung, you are not being able to turn off the mobile press by the power button. That time you have to use a soft reset to activate the mobile to normal mode. If you see that your mobile is hung suddenly without reason, you can solve the problem very easily. for making a soft reset, just press together the Power button Volume button for a little time. When you will be seeing that your mobile is restarting, release all buttons. That’s enough