How to update and restore iPhone 5s and factory reset, hard reset, Disable

By | December 23, 2020

Most of the mobile problems are solved through a hard reset. If you use the iPhone 5s then you should have a firmware file of this mobile. And if you have this file, you will be able to solve the problem of your mobile very soon. With this firmware file, you can solve the problem when your mobile passcode is disabled. Apart from this, you can solve many more problems in this way.

Many times you may have noticed that your mobile is turning on and off again. You can solve this problem by updating your mobile. Apart from this, your mobile may have a technical problem with the network and you can try to fix this problem by updating and restoring the mobile.

Again maybe your mobile can work slowly and you can solve this problem very easily in the same way. You can also solve many problems by factory resetting your mobile and I have also discussed how you can solve the problem with a factory reset.

If you know these little things, I hope you can solve many big problems on your own without going to a mobile mechanic.

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How to hard reset iPhone 5s and Update and Restore

Basically you want to have a laptop before updating and restoring your mobile. Also, mobile batteries need to have an 80% charge. Also required are an original USB cable and iTunes software. And before you start, be sure to back up all the data and remove the SIM from your mobile. Also, you will be able to Remove Disable problems in the same way.

  1. First turn off your iPhone 5s and remove SIM card from your mobile.
  2. Turn on pc and internet
  3. Now launch iTunes software on pc
  4. After that press and hold the Home button and connect your iPhone 5s to the pc with a USB cable release the home button when you will see the iTunes logo on mobile
  5. Thereafter, click Restore from the popup box  (note: If you have already downloaded the firmware file then first press and hold the Shift button and click Restore and then select the firmware file from pc Click Open And Click Restore)
  6.  Now click on update and restore from iTunes of pc.
  7. Then click Next 
  8. And now Click on Agree it will take a few times to download the file that you will see the download process on iTunes right up-side corner.
  9. Once the file is downloaded, extracting will begin.
  10. Once the file is extracted, the process of restoring it to the mobile will start and the processing will start which you will see on your mobile.
  11. After the file is restored, the mobile will restart, then complete the next process.
  12. I hope you have succeeded

How to firmware the mobile if you have downloaded firmware.

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How to factory reset

  1. Go to settings option
  2. Now tap on General
  3. Then Tap On Reset
  4. And then Tap on Erase All Content And settings
  5. Thereafter, Tap on Erase iPhone
  6. And Again tap on Erase iPhone
  7.  You have Done

How to soft reset 5s

Easily you can soft reset your mobile when you see your iPhone 5s have been hung. After being hung, just press the power button and Volume button together for a long time. After restarting release all buttons. I hope you have done it now.

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