How To WiFi Hotspot Setup HTC U11 All Setting 2017- Hotspot Setup

By | June 10, 2017

Hotspot Setup HTC U11: hotspot is the common problem for all mobile user. When we are using HTC U11 mobile phone  Some time need  Hotspot connection. Now I will show you how to make HTC u11 wifi hotspot setup. I hope to follow this procedure, you can successfully install your HTC u11 wifi hotspot setup system. I recommend you to read the entire article as a malfunction, then you will understand that your HTC u11 wifi hotspot setup
To solve the problem, what to do and how you can get access to a wireless WiFi hotspot. 

Hotspot Setup HTC U11

Hotspot Setup HTC U11

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Hotspot Setup HTC U11 Setup WiFi Hotspot

There are many users that they do not know anything about wireless system signals. Hotspot is one of our most important aspects. And we all know that nowadays, no mobile company publishes Android smartphones without a good signal.And the total number is to give the most powerful password. Otherwise, there are many other hackers who can not get access to your hotspot. And with the WiFi hotspot, you can run the Internet in very good speed.

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HTC U11 HotSpots Setup

  1. Go to setting option and tap this.
  2. Now go to More and tap it.
Hotspot Setup HTC U11

Hotspot Setup HTC U11

3. Then Go to Wireless and network and tap it.

4. Now Go to Mobile Network sharing and tap it.

5. Select WAP2.

6. Now give strong password 8 digits for your mobile data security.

How To Connect Portable Wifi Hotspot to Other devices

  1. First Turn on Portable Wifi Hotspot Form your HTC U11 android mobile.
  2. Now turn on WIFI from other mobile (which mobile you want to use Hotspot internet).
  3. Then search your device is available then you can connect.
  4. Now If want password then gives your HTC U11 password (which password you have to make in HTC U11).
  5. If everything is ok then done your Wifi Hotspot.

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