Root Samsung galaxy note20 ultra 5g | without pc and with pc

How to root Samsung galaxy note20 ultra 5g? You can root your mobile to take advantage of the mobile set. Rooting is essential for mobile more security. If your mobile is rooted, you can solve many problems on your own. I have tried to show the rules of rooting in many ways here, I hope… Read More »

How to hard reset Samsung galaxy note20 ultra 5g | factory reset

How to Hard reset Samsung galaxy note20 ultra 5g. Hard reset is a valuable thing for your site. Most of the mobile problems can be solved through a hard reset. Hard reset is very easy, any mobile user can do it very easily. Knowing this task is very important for a mobile user.

How to setup Wifi and Samsung galaxy Hotspot a quantum

Samsung galaxy Hotspot configuration manually and also wifi setup. Today I will discuss to you, how will you configuration hotspot and wifi into your mobile. Making configuration manually very easy but it is very important a part for a mobile user. You will get a lot of benefits from the hotspot.

How to hard reset Samsung galaxy a quantum soft reset factory reset

How to Hard reset Samsung galaxy a quantum. You can solve most of the problems by making a hard reset. Every mobile user is suffering from his mobile some problems suddenly while using the mobile. Now I will discuss some common problems, that have been happened for a mobile user often.

Phone connected to WiFi but no internet [6 Easy Way]

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How to root Samsung Galaxy M21 [3 way solution]

If you do not root your Samsung Galaxy M21, you will be deprived of many Advantages. Moreover, you can keep more secure you’re mobile by making root. You will get more extra options after making root your mobile. What advantages will you get from the root? Now I’m going to discuss it. Then, you will… Read More »